There are many questions surrounding patents. One of the most common is, “can I renew a patent?” Unfortunately, a patent is unable to be renewed. All patents have expiration dates and before it hits, patents do need to be maintained. But they cannot be renewed after it expires.  

Utility Patents 

There are a few differences between a design patent and a utility patent. Utility patents are granted to inventions based on how they work and the patent application takes a lot of work and a lot of time. On average, it takes 2-4 years to get your utility patent approved and the patent is then good for 20 years. 

Even though a patent can’t be renewed after 20 years, it needs to be maintained every few years. For utility patents, the following maintenance fees are required:

$800 after 3.5 years, $1,800 after 7.5 years, and $3,700 after 11.5 years. 

Once the 20-year mark hits, a patent then expires and is then unable to be renewed. However, a new utility patent can be filed for the same invention if there are improvements or modifications to the invention. 

Design Patents

Design patents are a little bit different. This type of patent is granted to inventions based on how they look. Unlike utility patents, design patents only take 1-2 years to be approved. However, they are only good for 15 years.

When it comes to maintenance and fees, this is not required for design patents. Like utility patents though, you can apply for a new patent to the invention if there have been improvements and modifications.

Working With a Patent Lawyer

Whenever you are dealing with patents, you need to have a patent lawyer on your side. From filing a patent application to maintaining it, a Scottsdale patent lawyer will make sure everything is done correctly and on time. It is the responsibility of the patent owner to maintain the patent and enforce it. This can become time-consuming and stressful. An experienced patent lawyer will know how to handle your patent and help you through the process of applying for a patent and maintaining it.