Budget-friendly honeymoon destination outside India

Are you getting married anytime soon? Do you wish to enjoy your honeymoon outside India? And you are the constraint of your budget? Don’t worry; we are here to inform you that there are places you can still go. You can go for an exotic honeymoon with your partner amid nature. So go ahead and have a look of the list best for budget-friendly honeymoon destination outside India worth going.

  1. Seychelles

Seychelles is an exotic, rich, and secluded getaway that is perfect for a romantic honeymoon. With unparalleled beauty and many romantic experiences, it is one of the top budget-friendly honeymoon destinations outside India. Let the peace and tranquility of Seychelles add a magical touch to your beautiful intimate beginning. You can take walk through the virgin rainforests, indulge in water sports and enjoy a memorable private stay at the luxurious resort villas on the islands.

Seychelles INR 1, 00,000 – 1,20,000

  1. Thailand

Thailand is a perfect destination for you if you are looking for international honeymoon vacation under 1 lakh rupees. Besides the scenic views, pampering Thai couple spas, sandy beaches, Thailand offers a plethora of shopping and dining resorts. This is surely one of the budget-friendly honeymoon destinations outside India. There you can date your life partner in the caves of Rai Le or go cruising over the clear blue sparkling waters exploring the corals and enjoy water sports.
Thailand INR 70,000 – 1, 50,000

  1. Bali

If you dream to start your married life at a luxury island resort, Bali is the best option for you. Pamper yourself after busy wedding day to calm in the serenity of beaches and views to add the spice to your intimate beginning. This welcoming country is a great option, even if you have budget constraints for less than 1 lakh. It is one of the popular and best budget-friendly honeymoon places out of India. You can do a lot of things in Bali. Try adventure sports and paragliding with your spouse. Enjoy romantic time with your spouse on the pristine sandy beaches during your honeymoon. All of these make Bali, one of the best budget-friendly honeymoon destinations outside India. This is an amazing time to decide on your honeymoon vacation, as you can avail huge discounts using Qatar Airways coupons.
Bali IINR 50,000 – 1,00,000

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and one of the best budget friendly honeymoon destinations outside India. Charm your love with a trip there to indulge in wildlife safari or cave exploration. Moreover, the serene yet breathtaking places to visit in Sri Lanka add up to intimacy.  There are plenty things to do in Sri Lanka, like walking across the pristine beaches or explore the caves at Sigiriya or wild jungle safari over the elephants or bask under the sun. You can also pamper both of you with a couple of spa at this exotic honeymoon destination.
Sri Lanka INR 40,000 – 80,000

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most budget friendly honeymoon destinations for couples. If you and your partner love a blend of history, art and culture, you should consider Vietnam.  For adventurous couples, you can try out hiking in Vietnam. There are a lot of other things you can do in Vietnam like, getting lazy on the beach or walking hand in hand with your partner and enjoy the intoxicating beauty of sunsets. But yes, don’t forget to take a cruise along Halong Bay.
Vietnam INR 40,000 – 70,000

  1. Bhutan

Are you looking for a cheap honeymoon destination outside India? For the cultural history buffs, Bhutan offers some spectacular honeymoon options. Celebrate the union at 7th-century temple, a 17th-century fortress or in an old palace that resonates with amazing stories and head to the countryside for solace and privacy. There are many things to do in Bhutan you can enjoy, like helicopter tour over the beautiful Himalayas, biking tour across the mesmerizing roads of Bhutanand enjoy culture, wellness and spirituality together. This place is one of the fun and budgetfriendly honeymoon destinations outside India.
Bhutan INR 30,000 – 50,000


If you dream of your honeymoon outside India, you don’t have to worry anymore. There are so many beautiful destinations that are less explored and budget-friendly. So if you are planning to explore the world with your love, this will be a good start. We have curated the list of most desirable honeymoon destinations outside India. I hope you find the blog helpful and share the experience with us.