Best Way to Remove Search Results from Google
Best Way to Remove Search Results from Google

“How can I remove search results from Google?” This is one question many won’t have envisioned a decade ago, but users are asking this question today on the internet. Today, the world wide web has done so much for humankind by allowing many to access information within seconds, thereby eliminating the hassles of using traditional means of information gathering. NOTITIAPRO offers the best way to delete search results from google. Email –

As high as the internet has been for us all, its evolution has created a challenge of its own. When analyzing personal information breaches and information mismanagement, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook come to mind. If you are an individual or an organization with an image to protect, you will need to know how to remove search results from Google or, better still, find experts who can.

Why Remove Search Results from Google?

If you are a law-abiding citizen or an organization with nothing to hide, you may feel that there is no need to remove search results from Google. While this may be true, do you know that your search history can be used as a tool to exploit you or predict your personality and behavioral tendencies in detail? Imagine for a minute that information about your online activity falls into the hands of someone else and then think about what they could do with all that information?

Knowledge is a power they say, and in recent times, we have seen private online users and organizations brought to disrepute simply because their personal information fell into the wrong hands. To protect yourself from the negative consequences of using the internet, you will have to do all that is possible to keep your reputation unblemished.

Ways to Remove Search Results from Google

Erasing pages that you do not need from Google requires a lot of patience. It also depends on the volume of data you have online. If your data is contained in your website and you have full control of the site, consider deleting the pages you no longer want to be seen by the public. Google Search Console is an online resource you can use to access and delete pages you don’t want online. There are two major preconditions for deleting search results. These preconditions are necessary if you wish to know how to remove search results from google.

  • If the unwanted page is located on a website that is verified by Google
  • If the Google indexed page was deleted or changed

With that being said, here are some simple steps to take when removing search results from Google.

Remove new websites from public view.

If the website is still under construction, keeping it out of the reach of Google and online users until you are ready to launch, it is a wise thing to do. If proper care is not taken, mistakes could be made, which may lead to Google indexing your site and making it public even when you are not ready to launch it. A link from your unfinished site appearing on any social media platform may appear on Google searches, and this may lead to exposure, and that is something you will rather not have.

Remove leaked information when performing website updates.

Often, the information you don’t want in the public sphere could be leaked. When this happens, the leaked page will appear on Google searches even while you are loading the page onto the website. After you are done, the leaked data may yet look online with the original. To resolve such an issue, you can take the same steps you would have made if you are removing a website or page from public view.

Wipeout Search engine results and Cached items.

Another challenge many online users face is having search engines display accurate information along with back pages of outdated data. If you are currently facing this challenge, you need to take action to resolve this problem before it tarnishes your website’s reputation. To resolve this issue,

  • Invite Google to index your website
  • Among the options provided to quicken the process, type the exact page address you wish to wipe off
  • Click the icon “Remove cached page only.”

Wipe your Social Media Accounts Clean.

These days, many of us use one social media account or the other, and by doing so, we often give away more information than we should. Many users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms have fallen victim to online hackers, blackmailers, and other criminal elements of the online world. Wiping out stored data can be a very complicated process. Some users recommend account deactivation, but this does not permanently delete stored data. What’s even worse is that Google can access and save data found in some of these platforms as well. If you wish to delete your profile on social media, here are ways to delete your data on some of the most popular social media accounts.


  • Navigate to the Help icon on the right of your screen.
  • Tap the search icon for the “delete account icon to appear.
  • Some search results will spring up. Click “How do I delete the account.”
  • Follow the instructions provided by first logging into your account.
  • Click on “Let us know” then follow the steps to delete your profile completely.
  • Do note that logging back into Facebook after executing this task will erase your deletion request. If you wish to delete your account without losing your data, consider downloading and saving all your data (pictures, IPS, groups, and posts) before deleting your profile.

Instagram: To wipe out your Instagram account, enter this into your search bar. Once the page loads, input your password and click “delete my account.”

Twitter: It takes up to about 30 days for Twitter to completely wipe out your account after deactivating it. If you have vital tweets you would like to save; you can keep them by downloading your archive. To archive posts,

  • click your profile icon and go to Settings. Now click Request Archive. You will be sent a link from which you can download the archive to a separate file. Once this is done, you can log back onto your Twitter account, open Settings and navigate all the way down to “Deactivate my account.” Enter your password then deactivate.

Request Removal Cancellation

If your request has been accepted by Google for page or website removal, it will not appear online for a period of at least 90 days. Still, if the page or website is accessed after the period under review, Google may index it once again. If, on the other hand, you want the page or website to appear again on search results before the 90 day period has elapsed, you can enlist it again by using the Search Console to cancel your request.

Although the steps mentioned in this list work well as far as removing Google searches is concerned, this list does not represent all there is to know about removing searches as there is more to the subject than what has been stated here so far.

Furthermore, if you have a lot of data across multiple platforms, the process may be long and complicated. In such an instance, you will need the expert help of professionals like Reputation America to handle the process on your behalf. Reputation America has a team of experts who can help you navigate the murky waters of the internet as far as online reputation management is concerned. With their help, you will be guided on how to remove search results from Google. Beyond that, their experts will help you.

  • Regain full control of your online reputation
  • Erase unwanted data
  • Control data dissemination
  • Get professional help and support for effective data management.

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