ID Badge Holders
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Professional and high-quality identity cards are an essential to any well-functioning and safe space, whether that’s an office building, government agency, pub or club, hospital or airport. All areas are made better and more comfortable when an easy and effective security system is put in place. However, it’s not as simple as buying yourself an ID card printer and handing them out.  Your perfect identity cards need to be displayed properly in order to be as impactful as they can be, so you need to find a method of displaying and presenting your company’s ID cards effectively. Here are the best products for displaying your ID cards…


Lanyards are a fantastic, simple way of displaying ID cards. A high quality lanyard will be woven out of a durable, thick material, meticulously dyed to give off a high colour saturation. This will hold an ID card by clipping into a pre-existing ID card holder, and the wearer will pop the lanyard over their head, wearing it off their necks. This is perfect if your building requires ID cards to be presented to security staff, without having to fumble for anything. Lanyards don’t require any pinning or attachments, which might be attractive to staff who don’t want to create holes in their outerwear. You can find lanyards in block colours or with printed identifiers for even more visual organisation, these can read ‘visitor’ ‘staff’ or ‘security’ for an impeccably streamlined workforce. You can even get your lanyards customised with your logo or your company colours, this can encourage brand affinity and even give you a little free marketing whilst your staff are out and about.

Lapels, Clips, Pins

A lapel, clip or pin will secure your staff or personnel’s identity card to their outerwear or clothing in a sleek, refined and elegant fashion. This is a great option if you want a cost-effective way of displaying ID cards. Lapels, clips and pins are light, easily replaceable and very minimalist, perfect if you are constantly recruiting new team members and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg kitting them out for work. These are perfect for a presentation system, it will be far too much hassle for a scanning or inserting system, as your staff will have to be constantly removing and placing their ID cards.

Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are perfect for high pressure environments such as hospitals, or for buildings where there is an awful lot of hustle and bustle like an airport. A badge reel attaches at a collar or at the hip, presenting the card when not in use but on a wire, so the reel stretches out and retracts when the card needs to be scanned or inserted for access or identification. A badge reel allows staff to enter, log time and prove identity quickly and efficiently. If you have a lift access system, this is the perfect option.

Card Holders

A card holder keeps identity card clean, safe and fully functional at all times. It is a plastic casing that deters the user from spilling, breaking or losing their ID. All the mentioned forms of presenting an ID card will be enhanced when used in conjunction with an ID card holder. You can find flexible or rigid ID card holders to suit your environment and nature of staff, as well as a multiple card holder which holds more than one card at any time! This will protect your investment in your company’s safety and ensure that the procedures you put in place run smoothly and properly.

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