Giving Gift is a wonderful idea to give to coworkers. Here are the list of things which you like more.Shop to find your new favorite women’s activewear at Sacrifice Now. Designed with your goals in mind, experience quality fitness clothing with FREE shipping.

Laptop raiser

Laptops used to be such a novelty when they came out—the idea of having a computer in your lap was mind-blowing! However, laptops are useful but not very comfortable, especially when you don’t have perfect posture. So, show your coworker that you care about their health and wellbeing by providing them with a practical laptop raiser. This riser makes any laptop more ergonomic and user-friendly even after long days at the office.

Coffee cup holder

Your clumsy colleague will love this one. If your company is sick of paying for new computer mice, keyboards and notebooks all ruined by spilled coffee, provide your spill-prone coworker with a cup holder. Find something that’s sturdy and smart that will keep their cup safely secured. Fewer spills mean better productivity and fewer expenses so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Coffee maker

If your coworker is a real coffee purist who’s not happy about spending dozens of dollars a day in coffee shops, why not provide them with their personal coffee maker. A trendy Nespresso machine will not only provide them with freshly-brewed cup every time they need a little caffeine boost, but also serve as a beautiful addition to their office. Mini models like Breville and DeLonghi take up very little space yet have a gorgeous design and a play a huge role in every worker’s professional life, since most office dwellers run solely on coffee and stress!

Perpetual calendar

This one is perfect for everyone from your disorganized coworkers to your super-stylish colleagues. Perpetual calendars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very useful. They can also be mounted on the wall (perfect for small and crowded offices) or displayed on the table. Perpetual calendars also come in many different designs all of which are true showstoppers, so you can take your pick and surprise your colleague with something that fits their personality.

Screen cleaner

This one is for all the cleanliness freaks out there who’s biggest pet peeves are dirty screens. Allow them to keep their smartphones, desktops and laptops squeaky clean with a practical screen cleaner. These come with matching microfiber cloths for the best cleaning results. Plus, the bottles are small and practical enough that they can chuck their gift in their bag and always carry it with them.

Anti-stress kit

Stress is very common in the workplace, but stressful environments are not healthy or comfortable both for you and your clients. So, make sure to give your tense coworker a nice relaxation kit that will reduce anxiety and allow them to blow out some steam. Grab a box and fill it with items like fun anti-stress balls, relaxing essential oils and teas, adult coloring books and tasty snacks and treats. These items will always come in handy when the deadlines are close and clients get especially demanding.

Personal fan

If you live somewhere hot like Australia or if you have a strict dress code that requires formal suits and modest clothing, you probably have that one colleague that’s always lowering the thermostat and complaining about the heat. Well, allow them to finally be comfortable with a small personal fan. This gadget will keep them nice and chilly while they are hard at work. These fans are very small and quiet, can fit on any desk and come in many colors and designs.

Walkie talkies

Is your colleague also your BFF? Well, you’re probably mad that work is keeping you apart, so provide your buddy with something that will always allow you to communicate and be each other’s support. A pair of walkie talkies will not only make chatting and collaborating very easy and fast, but they will also teleport you straight back into your childhood when you used to share one of these communicators with your best friend. Ahhhh, good times!

There’s no way these practical and fun gifts will end up somewhere buried under a pile of work documents. These will be used every day and create a lot of cherished work memories! And soon, everyone in the office will want to be your friends.