Planning to travel the world? But don’t you know any language other than Malayalam?  Malayalam, in particular, is a widely spoken language. More than 38 million people around the world speak this language. And for the rest of the people who struggle with this language. Various translation tools are there to make things facile for you. So, if you are a Malayalam speaking person who does not know English and the vice-versa then here are the six of the best Malayalam to English translation tools which will make your lives easier than ever.

Best Malayalam to English Translator Tools

1. Malayalam Typing Input Tool

A translation tool that can translate words and sentences from Malayalam to English. And one can simply switch between English and Malayalam by pressing Ctrl+G. You can also get to see more choices on the drop-down menu by clicking on any word. Another salient feature of this tool has the ability to type in Malayalam even without an internet connection. You can do it by simply installing their software for free. Once you install this software on your PC you can easily type Malayalam. You can type on Facebook, Twitter and even on Word document. Transferring the content is as easy as it could be. Simply copy and paste to post content on social sites. Yes, it is as easy as this.

2. Google Translate

It can be your savior anytime as it supports more than 100 languages. The application can do basic translations. And that is without any internet access, as long as you remember to download the necessary files. So this offline translation works if you download a language pack for the language that you need. In advance so that you use it even when the device is not connected to the internet.

Google Translate

It has a separate mode that is conversation mode which facilitates carrying on a conversation. This particular feature explains the situation to the other person in their language. It also allows its users to put the camera integrated with the application. It will be over a word or phrase and then it’s meaning will show on the phone’s screen. Another astounding feature of this application is that it enables live visual translations. So with this application on your mobile phone, you’ll be a translating pro in no time.

3. Speech to Text Malayalam

It is yet another tool to become your savior. With this, all you need to do is just set your Mic and press the mic button and start speaking. The software will recognize your voice and type automatically in Malayalam text. But one should use a high-quality mic to get wondrous results. You should also keep in mind while speaking that you speak slowly so that the software can recognize your voice properly.


Also make sure that you are speaking clearly loudly, clearly and the pronunciation should be apt. But one of its drawbacks or limitations is that this software works only in Google Chrome Browser. It will not work in any other browser except Google Chrome. So if you are willing to derive the benefits of Speech to Text Malayalam then make sure you have the Chrome browser.

4. Malayalam – English Translator

This Translator is one of the most powerful translation tools on your Android phones. Whether you want to know the meaning of a Malayalam word or an English word, this application is here to solve all your queries. Translate any sentence or phrase into any destined language with a lot of conveniences.

Malayalam Translate

It works in both modes, Malayalam to English or English to Malayalam translator. Also, it allows you to share the resultant translations with your friends and family. It enables easy copy and paste function and is also considered as an easy application to use. One can add words and phrases in their favorite list. This list and history will help you to get translated information offline.

5. ImTranslator

One needs to understand foreign languages to understand the mind and concept of that other culture. And especially English, which is a universally accepted language. But ImTranslator can make all this very convenient for you. This Malayalam to English Translation service can translate very effectively. It is capable of providing the most convenient access to the online translation by myriad machine translation engines.

This tool assists you in getting an instant translation of words, phrases, and texts. It does not convert only from Malayalam to English but in other languages too. Along with online translation service, it also includes an on-screen keyboard for major languages. Direct emailing to clients after translating is also possible with this tool. However, this tool cannot be compared to the translations done by professional translation services.

6. Malayalam Dictionary

An application that provides Malayalam to English Dictionary on your smartphones. Malayalam Dictionary is a bilingual mobile dictionary that contains both Malayalam and English words. This is absolutely free and a total offline. Malayalam Pad can help in searching both English and Malayalam words with their meanings. It also provides the option of Speech to Text function, just say a word to search. Like various other translation tools, this application also facilitates sharing the words with your friends. In case If you find any hindrance while using the application, one can even contact them regarding this.

Conclusion :

So yes, you don’t need to drop your travel plans because of language issues. All the above tools are there to assist you anytime. Language makes life easier to understand the culture and to communicate the message properly to the other person. And not only that but to survive in today’s fast-paced and competitive world, these tools play an exceptionally essential role.

Machine translation eliminates the main constraints of human translation which are cost and labor which in turn boosts productivity. One of the major benefits of such tools is that it helps people to reach a larger number of people. A businessman can now reach to a larger number of customers irrespective of what language they speak. All this and many more perks are there, which such translation tools offer.

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