Snap Chat


Snapchat, a well-known one to one messaging app which has over 160 million active users daily, has been able to earn a reputation for very fast growth and also innovation. Despite the enormous success that it has been able to achieve, it is not themostuser-friendly app available in the market. Many of the fantastic features have been buried so deep in this app hence many people do not know that they exist.   Snapchat added more features in July 2017 when they were releasing a new version. These hidden features are going to reshape how you use this app in the first place.

  1. Use the Snapchat app for the Voice and also video calls.

One of the updates that were done to this app in 2016 was the addition of the video and voice chat feature. There are mainly two ways which you can use the video and voice chats. You can send ten recording (of either voice or video of you) or even by calling them to begin the live voice or even video chat that lasts the amount of time that you want.

Voice and the video call functionality has been located within the snap chats chat feature so that you will need to open up the chat conversation with the one that you want to start the conversation with. If you have been able to update the Snapchat application, you will be able to see the phone icon as well as the video icon below chat box.

  1. Identify song that is playing around.

If you have downloaded Shazam, a music recognition app, then the Snapchat app has you covered, You can be able to Shazam songs in the Snapchat app. When you do want to identify the song which is playing around you, all you need to do is hold the finger down on the screen of the camera. After a while, Shazam window is going to pop up with the song’s name and the artist.

From here, you can be able to snap Shazamed song to the friends or even add artist as Snapchat friends.

  1. Search for the stories all over the world.

Hand curating entire community’s snap submissions for the big event story such as the Super Bowl began overwhelming Snapchat. This is the reason as to why they were able to implement machine learning to be able to select only relevant submission for big events. Other submissions never went to waste, though.

The new technology curates them into new community stories that do allow users to be able to search for over a million stories on this app and be able to experience an event like they are there. To watch the stories, tap on the camera screen. You will be able to watch the top stories of the day, be able to filter stories by a topic and also search certain events or even location community story.

  1. Turn on the two filters at the same time.

Are you having a hard time choosing between giving the photo either blue hue and also letting the friends know you are going zero mph? Well, thankfully, you do not have to make such a difficult decision. You can be able to use two filters at the same time with a very simple trick. To be able to add the second filter to the photo, all that you will need to do is to hold the screen with a single finger and swipe left or even right over the photo to be able to rotate among them until the moment you are settled on the one you like.

  1. Take screenshot without friends knowing

Put the phone into an airplane mode and open the Snapchat. View snap and take screenshot then log out of this app and close it. Turn the airplane mode off and reopen the snapchat. You are going to have the screenshot,but there won’t be any pesky notifications.

  1. Read snapchat without them knowing

There is no official way of ensuring that you read snapchat messages without them knowing. However, there isthe way you can do it or even delay it. You can delay timing,but it won’t be forever. Here is how you can do that:

Open the Snapchat App. When you get to receive snapchat, you will receive a notification. After you open the snapchat app, the snapis loaded, loading of the snap takes minimal milliseconds,and if it is a video, it is seconds. Loading depends on internet speed after loading exit the snapchat and disconnects the internet. You can switch to airplane mode or turn off the Wi-Fi. Once you have been cut off from the internet, there are other apps which can block the app from accessing the internet. The user who sent the snap will not if you have already opened it. Caution: As soon as you open the internet, be sure that the user will know you have already seen the message.