As a sales team manager, you need to stay on top of changing trends in the industry. You may have learned everything there is to know about compensation while you were just getting established in the sales world, but that experience should tell you that the entire industry is prone to rapid change, including compensation offerings.

Do you have the time to stay on top of recently developing market trends when you have a sales team to manage? The key to ensuring you’re not falling behind in any aspect of your management is to contact sales recruiters to help with every stage of your hiring.

What are the Risks?

If you aren’t offering competitive compensation to your sales employees, you risk a decrease in motivation that can directly effect your bottom line. Worst case scenario: you are unable to retain a sales team that hold the talent you need to get ahead and promote healthy growth for your business. On the other hand, overcompensation can eat into your profits and jeopardize the long term sustainability of your company.

How a Sales Recruiter Can Help

The best way to ensure that you’re offering a competitive commission package is to consult a sales recruiter that knows the current state of the industry inside and out. If you’re looking for the most important information regarding sales compensation that’s as up-to-date as possible, then there’s basically no better resource than a sales recruitment firm that makes it their mission to stay privy to such information at all times.

Expert Help in Hiring

Besides giving you inside knowledge of every aspect of the current sales talent job market, sales recruiters can provide you with your best chance to attain the top new sales talent available. Not only can you find sales recruiters who specialize in almost any industry, but they can find the best talent to fill any type of position that you require.

What are SPIFFs?

A SPIFF, which stands for a Sales Performance Incentive Funding Formula, is a motivational tool used to increase the performance levels of sales teams. The term refers to the practice, dating all the way back to the nineteenth century, of offering small, immediate bonuses as compensation for sales performance. While they can be welcomed as a positive reward for sales skills and effort, SPIFFs can have negative implications as well. Sometimes, SPIFFs can even be regarded as illegal kickbacks. They can also be costly to management, depending on the sales industry.


The problem with relying on SPIFFs in lieu of regular financial compensation is that they require just as much inside information about the current trends to manage correctly. With the help of a sales recruiter, you can determine whether offering SPIFFs can work for your company.

No matter what aspect of the hiring and compensation process you’re involved in, sales recruiters can give you expert advice. If you’re currently in the process of re-evaluating your compensation offerings, then there’s no better time to hire a professional sales recruiter to get advice.