Astrologers Help Overcome Life’s Obstacles

The main reason for people to hire the services of an astrologer is for the sake of insights into their futures. Working with the astrologer at regular intervals helps individuals move faster towards their life goals, while gaining strength to deal with obstacles on the way. The astrologer studies different positions of planetary bodies in the universe to either interpret the meanings of past events or to make predictions on future outcomes.

Even companies consult astrologers

The HR departments of many companies are consulting astrologers in India, and this trend is seen not just in India but in other countries such as China as well. By matching an applicant’s horoscope with that of the company, an astrologer determines whether the new person will benefit the firm or not. Since planets are able to influence behavior and character, a lot of information obtained from the applicant’s date of birth is being used for recruitment purposes. By knowing what kind of jobs a candidate will be best at, it is easier for firms to select candidates.

Astrology for marriages

Vedic astrology helps look at two aspects of marriage-

  1. When will a person be able to find a suitable partner?
  2. In case a person is either already in love or finds a Manglik partner to be appealing, what steps should be taken to move forward?

One must keep in mind that Indian society places tremendous pressure on a person under both the above circumstances.

Astrology is responsible for a large number of harmonious marriages across India. The horoscopes of both partners are meticulously analyzed to reveal information about future marital bliss and relationships with relatives. If there are problems in the above spheres, solutions to the same are also devised by the astrologer and placed before the families.

The use of astrology is not just for arranged marriages, but for love marriages as well. It is helpful to know the elements of astrology to know the future worth of any relationship. The birth chart of every individual is divided into houses, and the entries and exits of planets in these houses determine good and bad influences in the marriage. For example, beneficial planets in the 5th or 7th houses, along with a strong Venus, indicate a very healthy love marriage. Utmost marital bliss can be attained when planets such as Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars are supportive in an individual’s birth chart.

Manglik Dosha

A delay in marriage or recurring problems in an existing marriage occurs as a result of Manglik Dosha. This is due to the unpredictable energy of Mars in a horoscope, and it can lead to tremendous discord in a marriage when Mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. Manglik people are often suggested to get married to other Mangliks, which helps cancer the defect. Astrologers have devised a number of effective ways to fight these defects, most of which are followed by Indian families.

Medical problems

Though not all people believe in astrology equally, the field has been able to come up with solutions to all kinds of human problems. Health has always been an indicator of wealth, but with the current Covid-19 pandemic, people all over the world have realized just how fragile their lives are. Issues related to health are generally not brought up unless people are affected in a big way. Interestingly, the reality is that every health problem a native is likely to face in the future has been depicted in his or her horoscope.

Let’s say an individual’s horoscope states that he is going to face a heart attack at the age of 45. If an astrologer is aware of this when he is 25 years old, the individual can be informed in advance, allowing him to take necessary precautions. If the heart attack is imminent, he will start getting symptoms such as unhealthy cholesterol levels and high blood pressure a few years earlier.

Use of gemstones

Gemstones are recognized by Vedic astrology as the most powerful tools for betterment. These days, you will find a number of celebrities wearing them, while kings and queens used to adorn them in ancient times. While some people regard the forces in these gemstones to be equivalent to magic, there are others who understand nature’s energies at work.

Through a gemstone, energy is transferred from a particular planet to the body of the person who wears it. A total of 12 signs exist in Vedic astrology, which form an angle of 360 degrees in totality. As per the movements of energy with respect to these signs, different types of energy equations exist. This helps to determine the characters of an individual with respect to the zodiac signs, and energy equations are used to make different predictions of the individual’s life. As per the nature of planetary energies, some planets function as good planets and some as bad ones.