It is highly probable for the employee to be mistreated or wronged by their employer either purposefully or by accident in a workplace environment. Sometimes, employers are mistakenly in breach of the employment contract simply because they are not educated about employment laws, rights, and obligations.

In this scenario, an Employment Lawyer emerges as a messiah who is well-versed in corporate law and can easily resolve the differences between employers and employees. The legal advice of lawyers is indispensable for business owners as well, especially for start-ups that need to take care of an overwhelming amount of paperwork, business permit, license, and registration. Thus, one can search for the best start-up attorney Los Angeles for employees on the internet.

Discussed below are some of the common issues an employee may face with their employer and how an Employment lawyer can help in this regard.


Workplace Discrimination


Workplace discrimination is, unfortunately, a very persisting and common problem. When an employee is mistreated or given fewer opportunities compared to other employees based on their ethnic or racial background, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, or other personal characteristics, it can be categorized as workplace discrimination. 


In this case, a Lawyer for employee,  brings the local or federal workplace law to light. Such a lawyer can help resolve the issue within or outside of court, depending upon the severity of the issue and the response of both the employer as well as the victim employee. Thus, an employment attorney can ensure all employees are treated fairly and equally within a workplace.


Wrongful Termination


If the employer breaks the national or local law and defies the terms of the agreement mentioned in the employment contract by unjustly terminating an employee, this action can be challenged with the assistance of an employment lawyer.

An employer does not have the right to terminate an employee based on their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. This is to ensure job security and equal employment opportunities from all backgrounds. If such a situation arises where an employee is dismissed by their boss without any objectionable cause, they can seek the services of an employment attorney to help them fight their case.


Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is a serious legal offense. It can be in the form of unencouraged sexual advances, sexual conduct, or the use of sexual, verbal, or physical actions. It is very difficult to bring to light the sexual harassment cases in the workplace because, a lot of the time, they are mild and difficult to prove.

However, it is essential for all employees to be aware of their rights and know that even sexual jokes or text messages qualify as sexual harassment. With the assistance of a Lawyer for employee, employees can effectively protect themselves from sexual harassment at work.


Breach of Employment Contract


When an employee signs their employment contract, they agree to certain terms that discuss important details, including benefits promised by the employer to the employee. Such benefits are either ensured by federal or local law or are in the form of additional benefits promised by the employer.

These benefits include paid medical benefits, bonuses for good performance, stipulated paid time off, commissions, etc. When it is time for an employee to take advantage of the benefits mentioned in their employment contract and their boss refuses, such an employee can seek assistance from an employment attorney to get their legal rights.