A lot has been said by critics of exhaust stacks and people who believe the exhaust systems are only great for decorative purposes. However, there is a need to purge such people of the mistaken belief that exhaust stacks will only serve ornamental purposes without adding any significance to the performance of a vehicle.

Aside from their intimidating on-the-road effect –that might discourage other truck drivers from moving too close to your truck–, truck exhaust stacks offer a number of benefits which likely make them the suitable exhaust systems for you. Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find out the benefits of semi truck exhaust stacks and what to look for when buying these exhaust systems.

Benefits of Semi Truck Exhaust Stacks

They Reduce Your Vehicle’s EGT:

Essentially, having a lower EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) is one of the things required for a vehicle to maintain efficient performance and provided you’re using exhaust stacks for your truck, you can be sure that the truck’s exhaust gas temperature will be reduced effectively. According to Diesel Power Magazine, an abnormally high EGT is very likely to cause several problems which constitute the meltdown process both factually and figuratively. Also, the melting point of one material is likely different from that of another material: while some materials have higher melting point others have a lower melting point.

They Help to Release Warmer Fumes Efficiently:

Unlike horizontal exhaust systems, semi truck exhaust stacks are built vertically so that warmer fumes can be easily carried off. Typically, exhaust stacks are like chimneys and anyone who has caught sight of dozens of chimneys will agree that they are usually vertical in structure so that warmer exhaust fumes can be safely and quickly released.

They Enable Your Truck to Pull Harder and Climb Faster:

Undeniably, exhaust stacks are admired for their appealing look but there is more to this aesthetic quality as regards the benefits offered by these exhaust systems. It’s quite ridiculous spending chunks of bucks on an exhaust system that eventually fails to boost your truck’s on-the-road performance. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you choose exhaust stacks for their impressive performance making way for your truck to pass more conveniently, pull harder and climb faster. Both on the highway and off-road tracks, exhaust stacks are capable of delivering the excellent functioning your truck needs to speed faster.

What to Look for When Buying Them

Check the Design:

Exhaust stacks come in various designs and the suitable design for you may depend on your vehicle type and your aesthetic preference. Meanwhile, some of the popular designs in the market are Turbo-Back, Header-Back, Axle-Back, Downpipe-Back, and Cat-Back. You can find exhaust stacks of many styles on Iowa 80 online shop.

Confirm the Quality of the Material Used:

Material is obviously another thing you should consider while buying an exhaust stack. Choosing a top-quality material is a great idea not only for decorative purposes but also in order to have long-lasting exhaust stacks. Meanwhile, you can choose from a variety of quality materials including Mild/Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminized Steel.

Decide the Type of Finishing You Prefer:

While some exhaust stacks have no finish, in particular, others come with several finishes including Chrome and Ceramic-Coated. If you’re an avid user of colorful and shiny products, it’s likely a good idea that you opt for the exhaust stacks with a chrome finish.