From small military cars to tanks and trucks, there are numerous scale models and kits to cover your needs. However, most individuals do not understand why these models are essential in the first place and how they can benefit them. Why do people choose to build these models? Why would Wespe Models commit their time and energy in this hobby?

Getting these models is as important as buying a house or car, and this is why you need to have a comprehensive understanding of what they are and how they work. They come in different sizes, material, types, and scales. Here is a full guide of the 1 35 scale military models to guide you on what they are and why you need to get one.

What are the military models?  These can be termed as small car representations. They come in various types including buses, trucks, and ATVs among others. Initially, the models were meant to be kids’ play toys, but with time, car dealers and buyers have grown to like them for showcasing the real thing.  However, with the model cars, their assembly requires an accurate scaling of the actual object.

And what about the scale? The scale of a model car is actually either a fraction or a ratio, which is either 1/35 or 1:35. It shows the scaled size of the model compared to the actual object that it is meant to replicate, here the initial size of the military tank or airplane is 35 times bigger than the model.

How do you choose the best? Here are some aspects to determine the right choice for you.

Consider Cost

The size primarily determines the cost of the models. The larger it is, the more money you are likely to spend more on it. You can go for a small size like the 135 scale military model as it is super affordable and plays its role well. We have different sizes to suit everyone’s budget.

Consider Time

Small military models generally need much more time than the large models. If you want it sooner, then you can go for a model that will take less time to build and the same applies to large ones. The 1.35 model is small enough to be assembled in no time.

Is it Available?

How available is the specialty of your choice in every scale? Also, how many manufacturers are providing the exact model and size and are there aftermarket manufacturers to make its accessories and other sets for the model of your choice? You should get a model that you can easily access, and if you need, some additional details can be added as well.


Before starting on your models’ collection, you should make sure that you have ample space for their storage and display. This aspect will significantly affect the size of the model.

Value and Satisfaction

How do you like it? Do you think it will play its intended purpose? The best model car will offer you total satisfaction, and their value will exceed the amount you pay for it.

Whether you love classic tanks, or trucks and warships, you can be sure to get the best 1.35 scale models from us. We have varieties of collections to cover everyone’s needs, so hurry up to enrich your military collection with our unique scale models and learn more about the history of the models and their development story. Our military models come in a range of color schemes, shapes, sizes and a great evolution of these ultimate fighting machines. Contact us today for more information on the same.