Cigar is one of the most vintage and fashionable things for smoking. It is made by fermented and dried tobacco leaves along with various types of flavors and fragrances. American continents, including Mexico, Caribbean islands and some of the African continent countries are the typical producers of the tobacco that is used to make cigars.

Different components of cigars

The cigars are basically comprised of three basic components that are filler, binder leaf and tobacco wrapper leaf. Get a detailed idea about the components here.

  • Filler: “Filler” is nothing but a bound bunch of tobacco leaves. These leaves are folded down the length of the cigar to allow the air passage through which smoke is drawn after the cigar is lit. If a cigar rolled with tight air passage, it becomes tight and smoking is not possible through it. Again, the cigars with excessive airflow create an excessively fast hot burn is loose filler. So filler is an important part to produce a good quality cigar.
  • Binder Leaf: The binder leaf is present beneath the filler. The leaf is made by heating with sun rays and thus the manufacturing of these leaves is climate dependant. Binder leaf is much thicker, hard and durable than wrapper leaf.
  • Wrapper Leaf: A cigar’s character and flavor is determined by the wrapper leaf. It is also dried by sun light and natural climate condition. It is a bit thin than the binder leaf.


Now days, for the modern brands they are using the year of production tag printed along with the White Owl Cigars. Cigar tobacco is produced by reduction of sugar and water content and it has a long process to make it purely dried with the help of heat and natural climate conditions. Still the high quality cigars which are very demanding in the market are handmade.


Wrapper types in Cigars

There are various types of wrappers in cigars. Below are some examples of wrappers:

  • Light green
  • Black
  • Medium brown
  • Reddish brown
  • Light yellow
  • Dark brown

Variety of taste in cigars made by White Owl Brand

There are some different and unique tastes of different cigar brands. Specially we can find tastes like; sweet, harsh, burnt, green, earthy, woody, cocoa, roasted, aged, nutty, creamy, cedar, oak, chewy, fruity, and leathery. There are some brands that are producing quality cigars these days and “White Owl” is one of them. They have started the production of cigars in 18th century and they are famous for their various types of unique tasted cigars. Below are some examples of their production:

  1. Blunts
  2. Cigarillos
  3. Mini Sweets
  4. New Yorker
  5. Ranger
  6. Sport

Different sorts of White Owl cigars

Below are some types of White Owl Cigars:

  1. Black: This is commonly used for a regular smoke.
  2. Blue Raspberry: This is a unique sweet cigar with raspberry flavor produced by the brand.
  3. Grape: The authentic grapes flavor is contained with this cigar.
  4. Honey: Premium honey flavor and hand crafted taste is the main characteristics of this cigar. There is some combination of the honey flavored cigars.
  5. Mango: It is a quite unique and different from other cigars and brands.
  6. Pineapple: This cigar contains a pure and non-comparative taste of pineapple blend.
  7. Strawberry: This is also commonly used and very sweet tasted cigar which can refresh the mood by its un-parallel taste of blend.

With so many types and tastes in cigars it is inevitable that cigar will get more popularity worldwide in just no time.