An ASPX file is a server page that is particular to the ASP.NET framework. This framework is also known as .NET Web forms. It is an acronym for Active Server Pages, being created by a web server they have source codes and scripts that relay to browsers on how to display content on a page. It is, therefore, an internet media type document. The need for an ASPX file to PDF converter comes in to enable users to read these files regardless of the system installed. We will learn how to convert an ASPX file to PDF on this platform.

Generate a PDF File from ASPX File Using a Web Browser

To convert ASPX file to PDF without having to use the code, the ASPX files can be viewed from a web browser and one of the ways to convert ASPX to pdf would involve opening the ASPX file from the web browser, for this instance we shall use Google Chrome. Once the file is open, press Ctrl and P buttons simultaneously. This will open print settings on Google Chrome. Then you should press “destination” on the subsequent popup just as you would do whilst printing word document from google docs. You will then see various options using a drop-down menu. Select save as PDF and choose the location to save your PDF file. It will then download on to your hard disk. You shall then go to the directory of the saved file and open it with a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat, and the process will be complete.

How to Convert ASPX to PDF Using Dream Weaver of Microsoft Visual Studio

Using Dream Weaver (proprietary) or Microsoft Visual Studio (free) you can convert the ASPX file to PDF by opening the said file using either of the two as they are programming tools. Both of them are able to open ASPX files. Once open, you can go to file, then select the location where you want your file saved. Under the file name, click on the drop-down menu to select the preferred file type you would like your document saved in and select XPS. You can then open the file using windows XPS viewer and then click on ‘save as’. You can then select the location preferred, and on the drop down menu just like in Microsoft Studio and Dream Weaver, select ‘save as PDF’.

Convert ASPX to pdf Using a Code Interpreter

ASPX files have computer scripts in C# or VBScript language that are created through ASP.NET. ASPX code is editable using tools used to write the C# and VBScript language and can be viewed from Notepad or the syntax editor. One of the ways to convert ASPX file to PDF is through export to HTML and subsequently converting to PDF file.

To get from ASPX net to create a PDF in C, you have to download the PDF’s library source code by locating one and learning on how it is used, it is not complex and should take less than fifteen minutes. If you opt to generate a PDF for the C language, locate a suitable library and download the source code and add it to the project you are working on, you will subsequently be able to create PDF files from the C interpreter by executing the functions in the PDF library.