Boat maintenance resembles with automobile maintenance. There are few items that need constant maintenance for better functioning. But there are few other materials as well that need care after regular intervals. A basic boat maintenance checklist will include the following things:

  • Engine
  • Boat’s Hull bottom and topsides
  • Plumbing and HVAC system
  • Moving parts like tracks, zippers, and hinges.
  • Canvas and upholstery
  • Electrical systems

If we look into the past, this list would be longer because the maintenance of the wood boat includes many things. But now the fiberglass boat maintenance or aluminum boat maintenance is easy to be done. To get proper maintenance for your boat, you should avail of the boat management services Cape Cod from the competent company. The expert will be doing all the important tasks to ensure that your boat stays in good condition.

In the following blog, we will be discussing all the important things that you should keep in your mind related to boat care and maintenance. Let’s dive into the details:

Easy Ways to Maintain your Boat

The basic maintenance task that you need to do is to keep your boat clean and well-lubricated. This will be having a huge impact on your boat. It is important to note that if you are not washing it properly or waxing, then your fiberglass boat will oxidize and it will turn chalky. Remember that regular cleaning is very essential to remove the dirt on canvas and upholstery that enable mold and mildew growth.

Remember that after coming back from the ride in the water, it is necessary to lubricate the parts of your boats. Furthermore, if you have gone for a ride in salt water, then flushing your water is very essential. You should be following your manufacturer’s instructions to perform this task or call the professionals to avail of the boat maintenance services.

Another maintenance tip is that you should do a visual inspection of your boat’s system. If you find any problems, then you should fix yourself or call in the pros.

Boat Maintenance Cost

Some people may do the cleaning and even the repairs on their own to save their money. But if you are not paying attention to your boat, then you might have to take your boat to experts where you will have to spend dollars.

According to the rule of thumb, the maintenance cost needed for doing the task like flushing the engine, washing the boat, and annual boat maintenance will not exceed 10 percent of the boat’s value. Note that the average cost of boat service is $500 to $2600 per year for a small size boat to the mid-sized boat.

At-Home Maintenance Cost: This cost is negligible. You will need only boat soap, rag, scrub brush, and wax.

Boat Repair and Service Cost: It is a fact that if your boat needs more maintenance, then your bill will go up. You should roughly calculate all the expenses to get an idea about the estimate and time needed to do all the repairs. In the early years, the expenses are less due to the new condition of the boat. It is important to note that the cost of the oil changes done for an average-sized boat is more as compared to the cost of an oil change for an automobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we will be looking at the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Let’s get started:

1-What’s recommended maintenance for an inboard boat?

The answer to this question will vary according to the specific engine and drive system. Remember that it is always best to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow their specific recommendations.

2-What is the Cost for Boat Maintenance?

According to the general rule of thumb, annual maintenance costs will be approximately 10-percent of the cost of the boat or it might be less.

3-How much boat damage is done due to poor maintenance?

Frankly speaking, if there is no proper care, then you can expect a lot of damage. If you are going to compare a five-year-old boat that was cared well in comparison to a boat without any care, then you can clearly see a difference. Furthermore, you will have to face many engine problems if proper care of a boat is not done.

4-Which type of boat is having the least maintenance?

This is a debatable topic but the majority of modern aluminum and fiberglass boats need less maintenance as compared to the boats made years ago. When we are going to talk about the boat’s built with alternative materials that include polyethylene boat maintenance or steel boat maintenance, it is still less than in comparison to those old wooden boats.

5-Why boat engines need maintenance?

All engines of every type need maintenance to one degree or another. Remember that some boat engines work harder as compared to others because they run at high rpm for extended periods of time. Now, you may be wondering, what things should be included in the maintenance of a boat? The things on the service list include engine, electrical, plumbing, hull and topsides, HVAC, canvass, moving parts, and upholstery to maintain your boat in a good condition.

Hope now you are aware of all the things that are included in the boat maintenance. To maintain your boat well, you should hire a professional boat maintenance company in your area. You should connect with them to inquire about the boat service and repair cost.