A social security number is essential for tax collection, a smooth retirement process, and employment. It is necessary for residents in the United States to securely retain this number. It is printed on the social security card, which is helpful in case you forget the number or when an employer requests for the actual card. The replacement of the social security card is standard if you have misplaced it or have undergone a legal name change. The limit of replacement of the card with the Social Security Administration is ten times in a lifetime and three in a year, with exception available for legal reasons. To replace your social security card, follow the preemptive guide below:

1) Report To The Relevant Legal Authorities

A frequent question asked before deciding whether or not to report to legal authorities is, “How long does it take to get a replacement social security card?” There are many cases of identity theft among other fraudulent activities when an individual misplaces his or her social security card. It is advisable to report to legal authorities such as the police, IRS, and the Federal Trade Commission to avoid and protect you from such incidences.

2) Gather Documentation

Provision of documents that prove you are a citizen and your age should be provided to facilitate the replacement process. The Social Security Administration only accepts original documents. A passport is required to prove your citizenship, while for your age, a birth certificate will do. In place of the birth certificate, you can either a US hospital birth record or a religious record before the age of five indicating your birth date. In case you do not have the originals, the Social Security Administration can only accept copies certified by the issuing agency.

3) Online Application

You need to have an SSA account to file an online claim. You will use the documentation mentioned above to fill the online form.

4) Visit A Local SSA Office

Once you have filled the online application form, print and present it together with the other required documents to the SSA office. You can check from the SSA website the criteria used to accept the documents to ensure that you have everything needed. Also, if you cannot apply online, direct application by visiting the nearest SSA office can be done. The requirements vary with different people based on the age, immigration status, and citizenship. You can inquire from the customer case to know what should be presented.

5) Confirmation

It is essential to ensure that the personal information in the form is correct before submission. You will be required to wait for 10-14 days before getting your new social security card. Upon receiving it, ensure that you confirm that the information on the card is correct. It will be faster to make corrections in case of a mistake upon receiving it instead of presenting it after a while. Some people prefer to make the changes later on given that they know number without necessarily using the card. However, make the corrections as soon as you can because you never know when the card will be required by an employer or a legal body.