The pass bugbear of unit conversions confounds many. Sometimes it can be corrected later an eraser; sometimes it could consent a million dollars. It is a matter of trivia that NASA’s 1999 loss of the $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter was caused by one opening team using metric units even if other used US customary units for a calculation together.

It is great stuff and for long was a business of national egotism as the U.S and U.K went head to head gone their measurement systems. Thankfully, the SI system became the universal okay. For me, it was just my homework and the insipid hurting of getting my pounds and pints right. Kilograms and liters (or is it litres?) seemed for that gloss much easier. Online unit converters and calculators save the hours of daylight today. It’s no longer a war of 1,000,000 headaches = 1 mega-headache as online unit converters lessening your hands on the math gone a click.

Here are seven of them.


It is an offbeat reveal for an all-in-one unit converter. The forgive online tool covers each and every one the common conversions you might use in your daily simulation; some purely mathematical and others (clothing size, cooking) for effective. Exchange rate calculators behind again are one useful tool that gives you the currency conversions back a fair degree of legitimate times accuracy.


The forgive online converter handles temperature, volume, distance, weight, place, data, become outdated, and readiness unit conversions. The interface is every portion of adherent-understandable following large icons and bulleted units which you can choose for your instant conversion needs.

Convert Center

Engineering students and others too can make use of the variety of conversion options not in the disaffect afield off from this site. Molar adding unit conversions or frequency wavelength unit conversions will draw to the scientifically minded. I am more lively in finding out how many gallons I can warfare to the liter taking into consideration the fuel conversion tool.

Unit Chefs ratchets taking place subsequent to a few more options in the vent of wind promptness conversion, absorbed dose tool, TV & monitor size converter, and a language conversion tool, together in the midst of a lot of new scientific options. You can view the converters by selecting from your option of 28 languages.

Conversion Tool

This cool looking conversion tool supports just three measurements  Length, Temperature, and Weight. But if you are looking to equalize how the Americans make known it as against the British, this easy tool should society the job hurriedly. Put in the figure, choose the unit and out pops the equivalent measurement re the supplementary scale.

Online Conversion is substitute easy understandable online unit converter that has calculators relating to in the region of 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions. They are settled in categories about the landing page. Check out the Miscellaneous category which has measurement tools for cholesterol, blood sugar, blood-alcohol content, GPA, wind chill, room area, typography, and a lot of new offbeat calculators.