Long gone are the days of huge Zach Morris satellite phones, flip phones, and other relics of the early days of cellular technology. Today we use our phones for everything. In the age of connectivity, our financial transactions, daily scheduling, business and personal exchanges, emails, and countless other activities are all performed on our handheld devices.

This means it is important that we take care of our phones and keep them in good working order. This has led to an industry all its own in the form of protective cases for phones of all types. Considering the fact that phones these days can cost several hundred dollars, and even thousands for certain models, it becomes necessary that we take really good care of them. If you are thinking about what to look for in the way of a phone protection kit, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Size and Shape

Standard cases come in all different dimensions. And even though they might advertise themselves as being designed to fit certain specific models, they oftentimes do not fit as perfectly as you would like. Check to see if the case conforms snugly to your phone, keeping it from sliding around.

Screen Protection

The next thing you may want to consider is what kind of protection (as well as visibility) the case offers. Are you able to clearly see all of the features on your screen? Is the plastic thick enough to prevent scratching? Is it durable enough to prevent cracking even if dropped? The answers to these questions can help determine whether a particular case is worth purchasing or not.

Water Protection

Waterproof phones are becoming a little more common these days, but it is by no means a standard feature. Since people tend to use their phones in many different circumstances, it only makes sense that your case should protect it from water damage. Whether it’s an unexpected rainstorm, a spilled drink, or dropping it in the facilities, keeping your phone from getting wet is an essential aspect of any phone protection kit.

Personal Appeal

Another thing to consider is how the case reflects your own personality and style. Is it fun and flirty? Loud and outspoken? Subtle and soft-spoken? A lot of people like to have a case that complements their own personal tastes.


We’d obviously be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that price should also be a factor in which case you ultimately decide to buy. If you have a basic, low-cost phone then it would make little sense to purchase a top of the line case. On the other hand, if you are someone who invests in high-end phones and regularly upgrades to the latest models, buying a cheap, universal case would also be a poor way to protect a fairly pricey gadget.

Access to Phone Features

Lastly, we should also bring another common issue to your attention that many users experience when switching to a case there have never tried before. Even though a case might be advertised to perfectly fit a specific make or model of phone, they don’t always live up to their billing. Sometimes the material blocks part of your phones’ screen, covers a portion of the camera lens, or impedes access to your keyboard. Wireless charging can also be affected by certain cases.

Regardless of what style of phone case you ultimately decide to settle on, make sure that it fits all of your needs, allows easy access to your devices’ touchscreen, and above all, protects it from the damage that can come from day to day use.