I travel a lot and as a consequence my mobile phone is stuffed with over a dozen messaging apps each one specializing in a different area for example my family, friends, overseas friends, work mates and clients.

Since I’m fairly well connected socially I have no choice but to have all these messaging apps at Charlotte Observerso in this article I’ve singled out the best messaging apps that I always have installed on my mobile phone.

  1. Slack

When it comes to team communication Slack is one of the best messaging apps out there and is an absolute must for team projects.

The great thing about this app is that integrates into almost everything (Asana, Zendesk, Salesforce, Google drive, Dropbox and a lot more.

The best part is that you can use this messaging app for free (unless you have a large team in which case you would need to grab the paid version.)

  1. GroupMe

Group messaging apps should always be in your arsenal and this app is great because it is purpose built for group chat.

I recently got married and so I had everyone install this messaging app on their mobile phone to make organizing everything that much easier but I also use it when travelling for example, if I’m over in Singapore I’ll group chat all of my Singaporean friends or send a group chat to my family and friends back home and keep them all segmented into their specific little chat groups – such a great little app.

  1. Discord

When it comes to organizing your group or team chat this is one of the best messaging apps to have in your arsenal.

Currently we use it as a way to troubleshoot problems we have in the business as well as a training platform for new hires.

The thing we love most about this app is that you can create hashtags that are specific to certain training and troubleshooting so if one of our team members has a problem they know exactly where to find the answer or ask a question for our trainers to answer this app has been really effective in that sense.

  1. Snapchat

It’s tough to have best messaging apps list without having this on the line up.

Snapchat found a great way to dominate the market by focusing on one feature which was self-deleting media.

This naturally appealed to the younger market and took off immediately.

Since then they have added more features to their platform including, image filters, photo editing tools, bitmojis, adaptive chat, video messages, voice calls and text messaging.

This is one of my favourite social tools to stay in touch with friends.

  1. Voxer Walkie Talkie

Voxer was one of those surprising team messaging apps that has become a mainstay and everyone on my team has it installed.

One of the main problems with calling people is that the person you’re calling is not always available to chat so with Voxer you can send them a voice message and then when they are ready then can send you a reply to that voice message.

You can also send media along with your answers as well and I find I’m using it more and more with my team.

  1. Dust

Security is one of the last remaining freedoms we have left and this is one of the best messaging apps for keep everything private.

If privacy is your most important requirement for an instant messaging app then I highly recommend Dust from Radical App.

Dust uses multiple security and encryption technology to make it incredibly difficult for anyone to gain access to.

Like Snapchat messages can be set to self-destruct, does not display users names inside messages and will let you know if someone took a screenshot of your message.

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