Safety is undoubtedly the most critical factor when construction crews are on the job. Safe construction sites are more productive. Keeping everyone involved on the site safe is a top priority. It creates high levels of employee morale while decreasing costs. 

Safe construction sites also help crews to meet deadlines efficiently. Safety is the backbone of any work. Every component of the job relies on safety in order to be accomplished. Creating safe job sites can be done quickly with strategic planning.

1) Make Safety a Main Component of Company Values

In order to truly implement the benefit of safe work, it has to be ingrained in the company and employees. It must be a part of the culture. Safety should never be an afterthought. The goal of security should never be forgotten, regardless of urgent tasks and deadlines. 

Nothing is more important than the safety of crew members. A practical example of this would be routine safety seminars.

Scheduling all employees together in a room at least twice a month is well worth it. Everyone should attend in person. Creating presentations on safety with quizzes at the end is extremely beneficial for keeping the seminar interactive. 

This is a definite upside for potential clients. If they are aware of your commitment to safety, they can trust the performance of your crew. The crew will implement the strategies they learned. Accidents, both small and large, will decrease with the preventative training they receive.

2) Provide Safe Attire

Vehicles on the roadway are not always diligent, even with traffic cones, detour signs and lane closures, there is still margin for accidents. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the company to provide high visibility gear to crew workers. 

This includes jackets, vests, overalls, harnesses, and rainwear. There are various companies that provide proper work attire for your team. Gear can be less effective in certain situations, such as adverse weather conditions, lighting, and time of day. Researching which gear is appropriate for which case is of utmost importance. There are currently three types of attire for nighttime visibility and a kind for daytime visibility.

3) Keep Your Team Accountable

A major part of keeping your team accountable is creating an environment where they feel comfortable speaking out. Keeping everyone accountable will enable members to think twice before they cut corners. 

When crew members understand their actions have decisive consequences and outcomes, they will be more likely to abide by the instruction given. By establishing your unwavering stance on safety, team members will understand they can not overlook the measures put in place.

4) UV Protection

Crews are prone to long hours in hot sunny weather (depending on the climate and time of year). They typically have little protection against UV rays. This can cause dehydration, burns on the skin, and use of energy. 

Heatstroke is a real ailment that occurs with crew workers. By sweeping this risk under the rug as “part of the job,” is a form of neglect to worker’s health. Create UV safety by providing workers with lightweight attire that protects against the sun. Providing your crew with SPF is also essential, instructing them to reapply as needed. Job sites must also have a consistent supply of fresh, cold water for workers. 

The risk for dehydration is high when working out in the sun all day long. You can encourage your team to bring electrolyte packs or provide them. Electrolytes hydrate you effectively when mixed with freshwater.

5) Work Efficiently, Not Harder

Machines can be utilized to streamline projects when applicable. This will give your crew a break from manual labor. 3D vehicle-mounted technology can survey a terrain inside of the truck. This will keep your crew safer and away from busy roadways where an accident could occur. 

Investing in a drone is also a profitable tool that will save time and provide detailed aerial maps. The drones are extremely high tech, providing measurements and many other features. Drones are viewed as a long term investment that will pay for themselves.

Always Keep Safety Measures Consistent Longterm

They are making safety an integral part of your company will always produce positive results. Employees will be more enthusiastic about working when they feel respectfully cared for. Every situation should raise the question, “Will this enhance or comprise our safety?” Always choose safety.