If you are a publisher then you must have experienced how difficult is to find a good advertising network to work with. Some you find, start working with and then due to some issues, you are unable to continue.

Again, you don’t get paid as you haven’t reached the threshold and you come in a loss. Usually, the publisher spends a good amount of money on promoting the offer as well.

So, we thought of writing about the different feature one should look for while selecting the best pay per call networks. This article is focused towards the pay per call advertising networks but can be generalized with another medium as well.

Let’s start and see what are those top factors one should consider having a good profit and a long-term business with the pay per call advertising network.

#1 Trusted Network- Check Reviews

There are hundreds of pay per call networks running but you cannot try all alone. But someone must have tried it…right?

So, why don’t you check what others are saying who have tried it?

Yes, this is a great source of information. You can visit any advertising network review website or forums and read the comments. Even you can check the comments and review on social media like Facebook page or Google plus pages.

The network which has good or at least decent positive reviews should be considered as your next advertising network.

#2 Excellent Support

Yes, this is another important factor while selecting any pay per call advertising network to work with. Make sure to check if the network assigns a dedicated affiliate manager to the publisher or not. If not, then you should avoid it.

Also, you should check how responsive their support team is both in terms of technical and functional support. And the way to connect with them. The more medium they allow, the better it is for the customers.

#3 Range of offers

The more offers they have, the better option for you to select!

Make sure they have sufficient offers for you to select with. That means also the different type of offers. It should be allowed in the region you are targeting, allowed for the category of people, you are targeting and so on.

Also, check the approval time their network takes for approving any campaign. This will help you when you find a winning offer and want that to be live quickly.

#4 Low Threshold of payment

Usually, what happens, people work with one network and after some time stop promoting their campaign due to any avoidable issues. In that case, if you have not reached the threshold amount, you won’t get paid.

And so, while selecting any pay per call network to start with, select those who provide the smaller threshold limit for their payment. The less it is, the better for you. Also, see the payment frequency. Usually, the company works with the biweekly or monthly payment system.

#5 Reporting and Tracking Feature

If you are promoting some campaign, you will definitely want to see how it is performing in real-time. And so, if your network is not providing the real-time tracking feature, you won’t be able to do that. A good network uses industry-leading call tracking software like Ringba. So, make sure the network you are selecting to work with has the call reporting and tracking features you need so that you can maintain and optimize your campaign quickly and easily.


These were the top 5 factors one should look for while selecting a pay per call network for you to work. If you will follow these tips, you will be able to definitely able to select the best network.