Software testing is always crucial to ensure that the final product turns out defectless. Test engineers put in their level best to keep the products free of bugs. However, even with the best manual tests, some glitches remain if caution is not observed.

In the current saturated market, it’s important to deliver the best products or services to ensure the continued success of the business. In that light, the vitality of automation testing services cannot be neglected.

While hiring automation testers, it’s crucial to keep the following points in mind.

The requirement of receptive execution

Generally, when a company spends a chunk of money on automation testing, they aim to perform the tests, again and again, in the future. Spending a large sum just for a one time use is not cost-effective at all. If a company requires to test only one product once, the high cost associated with automated testing is not justified.

In that light, manual testing can be more effective for the company. But before deciding on the kind of testing, it’s imperative to identify the areas which can be dealt with using regression testing while applying automation testing.

Stability of the automation testing

Automation script writing demands the right amount of investment in terms of time and money. Thus, a trial and error model of testing must be avoided.

Instead, it’s crucial to ensure the stability of the software before it can be taken to the testing stage. Automation testing must be avoided in the early stages of development until the model is agile.

Making 100% automation possible

If you are thinking of achieving this, it is impossible. However, there are some processes like regression testing and load testing, making it possible to reach 100% automation.

For the other test cases, manual labor will be required for perfection.

The shelf life of the automation suite

To get the best return on investment from your automation framework, it’s crucial to figure out how long the developed automation script can be used.

However, it is difficult to determine the shelf life of the automation framework in the initial stages. But generally, one automation script is used for fifteen to twenty times.

Qualified QA experts

Automation testing tools are undoubtedly expensive. Thus, it’s important to make effective cost considerations before setting up an automation testing lab. If a company does not have skilled quality control experts, hiring a qualified automation testing lab is required. To encash the maximum benefits of the automation testing labs and automation tools, it’s essential to hire qualified QA experts in the team.

It’s crucial to remember that the skills of a chef make the food mouthwatering and not the kitchen equipment. In the same light, it’s the expertise of testers that will make a product flawless, and not the expensive automation tools.

Like all the other types of hiring, getting along with the best automation tester also requires one to have particular know-how about the field. While there are other considerations that can be taken into account, neglecting these five components can prove to be a blunder in the long run.