Lockdown is finally coming to an end, and people are starting to think about buying and selling houses again. More than this, people have been stuck in their homes for so long that even people who hadn’t previously thought about moving may be doing so, purely because they are utterly sick of the one that they are in! If you manage your conveyancing firm in the right way, you can make the most of this unique boom in business and make it work for you.

Get Social

The world is becoming more digitally focused. Law has traditionally been a brick and mortar, paper-based industry, but if law firms don’t start investing in a digital marketing strategy, then they will lose out to the ones that do. The first step is to make sure that your website is optimized for SEO. This means ensuring that it is returned higher in the list of search engine results than other competing websites. You can do this by ensuring that key phrases that your clients are likely to be searching are included in articles on your site, and by making sure that your website has a clear focus.

It’s also worth setting up a social media presence. For both your website and your social media, you should create content that is valuable, and that answers questions that people are actually asking. Listen to the types of questions that colleagues are getting from clients and use this as a starting point.

Case Management

Having an effective case management system is absolutely key to providing excellent customer service. With all of the details and notes about a case stored in a central location, it means that if a client ever calls in with a query, anyone can easily answer it, which will reduce time on callbacks. Redbrick Solutions case management system has been designed specifically for conveyancing, and it will save you time on your day to day tasks through its intuitive navigation and built-in processes.

Another advantage of using case management software is that if your cases are stored digitally, you can have a website that allows clients to carry out as much of the process as possible online. People are leading increasingly busy lives, if they can deal with their conveyancing needs while they wait for a train rather than having to call in especially, this will win you business.

Client-centered online presence

When you are designing your online presence, make sure that the client is at the center of every part of the design. It is crucial that they have a smooth and successful customer experience, or they may look elsewhere.

A good approach is to build a client avatar, which is a profile of your ‘ideal client’ made up of an average of your client base and tailor your website so that it is perfect for them. Consider how they would navigate a website, what they would expect to see, and what they would find irritating. With website design, less is more. Your client will want to be able to go to your site, do what they need to, and then leave quickly and easily. Don’t add too many extra features that will distract or get in the way.


Testimonials are key to building a client base. If a customer has been happy with your service, then ask them to write you a testimonial or recommend you to a friend. If you don’t ask, they are unlikely to do it, but if they have genuinely been satisfied with your service, most people will be more than willing. You can use the testimonials that you gather on your website so that potential new clients can see that you are already established and trustworthy.


This may seem a little counter-intuitive, but you mustn’t lower your prices to be competitive. You are telling your clients how valuable your service is by how you price it. Particularly with something as specialized as legal work, clients will actually be comforted by a higher price. They will pay the higher price safe in the knowledge that you are professionals who can reasonably charge that amount, and that they can trust with their house sale. If you lower your price, clients will assume that your service isn’t worth as much, and this will undermine their trust in you.

A better approach than lowering your price is to provide a truly excellent service at a price that is reasonable for the amount of work involved. If you are putting in the work with your digital marketing strategy, then your good work will speak for itself, and there will be no need to compete on price.