Those who have cleared the CPA exam never forget their long study hours, life balancing, and time commitment to achieve this milestone. The overwhelming feeling of relief they get when receiving the result of their last exam. No doubt their commitment and passion pay off. But one primary thing that stands out is how they prepare for their exam. Obviously, everyone follows some strategy to get success here are few for those who are going to give the CPA exam in the future.

Candidate Requirements

For those pursuing the CPA exam must understand the process of the exam requires some steps to follow, so knowing the lay of a land before time is the best approach. Join CPA forums to learn all about the exam requirements, what is needed to do for exam preparation, and which exam patterns are required to look for the guidance. So always do the homework before testing.

Exam Content Requirements

How one can pass the exam if they don’t know about the subject matter. The exam is divided into four sections and there are various concepts to study so always remember the test is not about memorization. Start from reviewing the content and specific skill outlines, this gives an extensive overview of what is tested in the exam. Candidates can get access to the blueprints of the CPA exam, which gives much helpful information to prepare. This is the foundation of the study tools. Also use various resources such as paid review course providers, sample tests of AICPA or listen to the exam prep while traveling.

Time Management

It seems long but eighteen months can go quite fast. Many find it most challenging to balance exam preparation, family time, friends, and work. So better create a study plan this will help the student to keep on the track. Fill the calendar with specific topics to study. This helps to manage time while peppered in work or personal commitments. For exam days make a routine: schedule the early test time and avoid to study in last-minutes. This will keep focused on the task in hand. Once it’s done, spend the rest of the day doing what makes you relaxed.

Join the Support Networks

Though the only candidate can take the exam and pass it this doesn’t mean that a preparation journey is a solo act. Family, friends, professors, and student itself is a valuable support network. Surround yourself with people who support your goal of becoming a CPA.

Relying on Exam Partners

It is a common sense that the student must be familiar with the AICPA and other exam partners like Prometric or National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. This helps the candidate to get up-to-date and accurate information that is needed to get through all sections of the exam. So make sure to bookmark such websites.

Join the CPA Exam Guy forums to discuss the queries and difficult concepts. Those who have passed the exam and sometimes even those who are preparing can provide tips which help to develop the exam-taking strategies. Use tracking sheets to know about the progress in each section. These easy strategies can be an icebreaker with the student first starting their CPA exam journey.