Anxiety can be very tough to handle. No one other than those suffering from mental anxiety can feel what ‘tough’ means. Today the number of people suffering from anxiety has increased multiple folds across the globe. This problem is generally seen in young teens from the age of 16 onwards. What’s most mysterious is that these young people who should be full of energy and confidence become dull and irresponsive to society and people around them. This high anxiety level spiral down to mental depression and a feeling of insecurity among them. They get completely lost from the social bonds in our community and start leading a completely secluded life as if all hope is lost. In many cases, this leads to the suicide of these people at a very young age. 

Such cases have been on the rise across the globe. This has created a feeling of insecurity among the parents of teenage boys and girls. The parents do not understand the reason behind such high levels of anxiety led to depression at such early age in boys and girls these days. Despite mental anxiety known to be treatable, it is generally overlooked and we do not have a proper treatment for it. We can use many way for solve this problem. Nowadays different types of generic medications available for anxiety, so can try this medicament. Etifine 1mg generic medicine for perfect solution of anxiety

With the advent of technology, we have made our lives connected 24×7 with our friends and family with the help of social media interface like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram and so on. These so-called smart devices keep beeping, tweeting, flashing or keeping us updated about every post, status, likes etc. Yet the problem of anxiety in today’s world is one of the most concerning one.

Although anxiety is a disorder related to our brain difficult to detect it has symptoms that can be easily seen and perceived like- 

  • lack of sleep
  • increased blood pressure
  • cardiac disease 
  • lack of sexual drive and erectile dysfunction

So if you are a bibliophile and cannot spend five minutes without reading and also suffering from mental anxiety there is a unique cure for you. If you are still guessing then let’s try giving one more clue- the remedy lays within the reach of your fingertips! Isn’t that just great? 

The unique remedy mentioned here for you lies in that book of yours. The best way to treat anxiety for you lies in that famous novel or story written by Ernest Hemmingway or Salman Rushdie. If you still don’t happen to believe this here are a few points why reading storybooks will reduce your anxiety levels.

1. Reading books lower heart rate and makes you relaxed physically

Scientists have proved that reading books daily lowers our rate of heartbeat and relieves us of muscle pain (which also cause anxiety) very quickly. The most important thing to note is that it does not depend on what type of storybooks you read. If you like reading thrilling ones or comical ones read it. Read and relax at the same time.

While reading you give all your concentration and focus on it and we sometimes getting emotionally attached which soothes our senses and relaxes the neurons. This reduces anxiety levels in us.

2. It allows us to venture into a virtual world 

It may sound stupid and childish that venturing into the world of a storybook would reduce the anxiety levels. But believe it or not, taking a break from our real world and stepping on the wonderland may make you feel better. It has been proved that when you read the subconscious mind tries to visualize it every scene every character is eked out in our mind. It is as if your mind views a film that is being played right in front of it. Also when we go to sleep our subconscious mind starts to play a review of the story so far and we start dreaming about what happens next. This dreaming is really important to reduce anxiety levels.

3. It makes us more compassionate 

Reading books makes you more kind towards other people and you as well. Sometimes you are too harsh on yourself and this causes self-pity and a lowly feeling which makes you depressed and you suffer from mental anxiety. When we read books we become empathetic to the feelings of other people and ourselves as well. We become more aware socially and a feeling of love, affection and kindness is surrounded within us. This reduces stress and anxiety within us. We add a new dimension of feeling and viewing from a completely different perspective.

4. Reading makes us more empathetic towards other’s feelings

Scientists have proven that reading books makes us more empathetic which means we put ourselves in other person’s shoes and try to have a feel of the situation or circumstance from the other person’s perspective or viewpoint. This happens due to increased knowledge in us. Whatever you read novels, thrillers, comedies you will come across different characters in them and the story or the novel will make you ponder from different characters perspective. This creates a feeling of empathy in us. When you become empathetic to other person’s feelings you become self-reliant and a feeling of mental satisfaction occurs in your mind. This reduces the anxiety levels in our mind.

5. It reduces selfish nature and pride in us

Reading books makes us less selfish and we become grounded. As we read across various stories and instances we get a better feeling of the society around us. A feeling of ‘nothing lasts forever’ gradually arouses within us. We understand that all these materialistic values and pressure of expectations are self-made and we should become free from this web that seems to have engulfed us. This feeling reduces anxiety in us. IF you want to get more information about anxiety and depression then redirect here.

In today’s world anxiety is a major problem. To get rid of this problem scientists have discovered a unique cure which is reading books. Reading the stuff you want increased knowledge make you feel relaxed and it grows a feeling of compassion, empathy and selflessness within us. Thus it reduces anxiety levels in us. Find your subject of interest and start reading today.