Electronic recycling in Toronto is a critical way to keep the environment safe. Every year, countless electronics end up in the landfill, and they do more than take up space. When they start to break down, they can release dangerous chemicals into the ground affecting the soil and water supply, which can lead to catastrophic results over time. To prevent this, electronic recycling is a must.

But what you recycle? Here are the five most common electronic devices that you can recycle today in Toronto.

  1. You Can Recycle Used Computers

Computers have been common household accessories for the past few decades. This means that most people have more than one or two lying around their home. Although computers have become smaller and more compact over the years, older models took up a significant amount of space. No matter the age or size of your old computers, you can safely recycle them all. You can also recycle laptops, monitors, keyboards and other computer accessories.

  1. You Can Recycle Old Cell Phones

Cell phones have dramatically changed the way we communicate. They have also created a lot of waste. Think about how often you update your cell phone. If you are getting a new model every couple of years, then you have probably accumulated a lot of old phones that you no longer use. Because of the sheer volume of phones in the modern world, it is important to be responsible and to start electronic recycling in Toronto. This is the best way to get rid of your old cell phones without creating a negative environmental impact.

  1. You Can Recycle Television Sets

Televisions are still a primary form of personal entertainment. Although people can stream content on their phones and computers, they still enjoy the big screen feel of a television. Unfortunately, that big screen can be quite tricky to get rid of when it starts to falter. It is never a good idea to throw your old television in the trash. Instead, you should make sure your television is handled safely by opting for electronic recycling first.

  1. You Can Recycle Discarded Printers

Printers make it easy to manage your documents at home. However, these devices can be bulky and may need to be replaced often to keep up with technology. With these factors, it is no wonder that most people have a few printers in their homes that they no longer use. With electronic recycling, the printers can be stripped of all usable parts in order to minimize waste. You can even recycle other printing accessories, including old ink and toner cartridges.

  1. You Can Recycle Servers

Servers are great at promoting file sharing in a home or business. These devices make networking your devices possible for a streamlined approach. However, as technology continues to improve, servers need to be continuously updated in order to keep up with the increased demand. Old servers cannot simply be thrown out. Instead, they need to be handled properly and safely. This is possible with electronic recycling. This makes it easy to update your server without worrying about any waste.

So if you have any of the following devices in your home, know that you can get them professionally recycled in Toronto.