We all know how adoptive the automobile industry is when it comes to new technology and the evolution of the automotive industry speaks for itself. The invention of electric ignition, the car radio, AC, etc has changed this industry a lot. But, for now, Artificial intelligence is dominating this industry and IT partners of automotive companies are working to revolutionize this industry to another level. 

Self-driving cars and Artificial intelligence are crucial topics if we talk about modern car technology. Car manufacturers are using AI concepts and techniques to make progress in car making. AI is not only used to implement the exclusive concept for safety and security purposes but it is also working through robots for car manufacturing purposes. Many countries like the USA, UAE, etc are the first to use these technologies. 

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 topmost Artificial intelligence technologies in the automobile industry. Moreover, if you are looking for Rent A Car Dubai companies, Opt for RentalcarsUAE to avail of professional and affordable services. 

Machine Learning

Most people merge the concepts of AI and Machine learning. But, it’s a type of AI where the machine learns itself by analyzing and monitoring the things happening in the surroundings. AI is developed as a result of scientific experiments and when it is applied to different devices, they start thinking and act as humans do. 

It is basically the subset of Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence concepts are used to carry out tasks in a much smarter way. While Machine learning uses the given data and starts learning themselves. Toyota has been using these concepts to create highly responsive and intelligent cars. 

Deep Learning

To implement the concept of machine learning, deep learning is used. This concept is used to break down the tasks so that it can be managed easily. DL concepts learn and start mimicking the activities in the neuron layers of our brain. In the automobile industry, it’s concepts are used to aid driving assistance systems and self-driving cars. It doesn’t only help in manufacturing but also help after service and sales. Recently, Bosch and Nvidia are working together to provide the best cars in the future with modern AI concepts.

Internet of Things

We all know what IoT is and how it is dominating many industries including the automotive industry. It has made an indelible mark and it will even go stronger in the upcoming years. Newly manufactured cars from many exotic brands have different new things attached to them like smart sensors, geo-analytical capabilities, and high-connectivity applications. 

With the implementation of IoT, the vehicle owners can enjoy many features like over-the-air software updates, service, or repair schedules. Through software, the manufacturers will be able to correct certain issues. Moreover, advanced manufacturing quality is possible through IoT processes.

Other Cognitive Capabilities

The self-driving cars will continue to cruise the streets of different countries any time soon. Although, many companies are still working on this concept to make it 100% successful. We are going to witness many autonomous cars but also huge trucks and buses soon. All this has become possible by taking a step further with a cognitive analysis that imitates human actions. 

The cognitive concepts work like human beings and then interpret different real-life situations. In order to do that, the understanding of messy and unstructured data is crucial. These concepts will further help to respond naturally according to the situation. BMW is now partnered with IBM to add this functionality to the cars. The cars will be able to connect with each other in the future. 

Infotainment System

AI tends to change the infotainment systems of vehicles hugely. It also increases the demand for high-quality hardware and software so they will be compatible to use with Artificial intelligence. In this domain, we can expect a huge spike in different departments like eye tracking, speech recognition, recognition of gestures and behavior, and databases of natural language. 

This concept will not stop here but it will be able to consider driver condition, sensor fusion engine, control units, and radar-based detection. For now, some infotainment machines are already implemented in cars to monitor and act according to the data collected from cloud-based neural networks. In the future, the same concept will be used to perform different types of advanced tasks. 

Final Thoughts

Making Artificial intelligence mainstream is not only about making AI systems more common but also about the availability of AI tools to every person. The main concept behind all the technology-driven cars to make your car more safe and convenient to use. In the future, these concepts will also help to reduce the ratio of road accidents. Moreover, the Monthly Car Rental Dubai industry of Dubai, the USA, and a few other countries will be using these technology-driven cars soon.