India is one of the biggest countries in south East Asia, and Bangalore is one of the most famous one. If you will ask an Indian he will describe it as an enormously green city. Now, in modern times, Bangalore is known for its silicon valley which has got numerous opportunities for the bright lot of the world.

The reason for writing this article is my pending trip to India, I am trying to visit various countries in Asia, but due to some personal reason I am unable to go right now, anyhow, I am utilizing this opportunity in gathering data about the famous cities, just like Bangalore.

Prior to this, Bangalore was known as pensioner’s paradise, this means that anyone who is trying to find a peaceful place then Bangalore is the place to visit, many people in India who are about to retire tend to buy a good house or plot in Bangalore through some credible sources such as Provident Woodfield and provident plots only because of the peacefulness of this historic yet modern city.

From a tourist’s perspective, the most important thing which we expect from a city is its safety and welcoming environment. Bangalore is one of the safest city of India, with a beautiful and worth visiting and experiencing culture.

Even though many people think that south east Asian countries are a bit backward, but just for the sake of removing this tag form south Asia, you people need to know that Bangalore is known as the pub capital of India, which means that tourists from all around the world can enjoy their life to its fullest in Bangalore.

If you are also planning to visit Bangalore, then you must be thinking about your schedule and planning, here are a few best places which so far I know about Bangalore.

1. National gallery of modern arts

Those tourists who are artists by nature and their love for art will force them to look for something creative, then they must visit the national gallery of modern arts on palace road.

The design of the gallery is an English one, so you will not feel as if you have entered a cultural place in India. The gallery is divided into two halves, the first one is filled with historic and traditional pieces of art, while the other contains contemporary art.

2. Tipu Sultan’s fort

Tipu sultan fort is an exquisite palace which will depict colors and impressions of Islamic architecture. This palace was a mud fort initially but in 1791, Haider Ali reconstructed it.

The beauty of this fort is the visible mixture of Islam and Hinduism, enabling the visitors to understand the tolerating powers working for the secularism in India.

3. Cubbon park

If you are a fitness junkie, then this 300 acre big park is the place to inhale infinite oxygen. This park is famous for the unique and indigenous collection of flowers.

4. Ulsoor Lake

You might have thought that such lakes will be at the countryside, but the best part is that you can visit this place quite easily as it is at the center of the city.

5. Bangalore palace

The royal family of this palace still lives there. So you can witness the beauty of their lives. The palace is built in a Tudor style with fortified towers.