increase productivity


Whether it is an office, factory or outdoor environment, wherever people would work it is imperative that they are constantly motivated if productivity is to be at optimum levels. Different gimmicks have been tried and one that is quite popular is to play soothing piped music throughout the working area. Factory floors use this quite popularly and even in outdoor work places music does keep the workers motivated.

In built up office environments the perennial concept of segregating employees, including managers to specific areas have been relinquished to provide more airy and open space seating arrangements. This has facilitated the building of more camaraderie among the employees and a friendlier and healthier working atmosphere which has helped to increase overall productivity. Most offices too, play very soothing piped music which keeps the employees within the area undisturbed to concentrate in the tasks delegated.

Using apps to create conducive work environments

The introduction of various online apps to create conducive work environments have been initiated and they too have been proved to be successful. Most of these online apps are built on the “white noise” concept which is basically to emanate a continuous soothing sound, which would be pleasant to the ears and mind. This would eliminate other sounds and create a relaxed mind which could be directed productively.

Most of these online white noise apps which have been developed, keeps a soft continuous noise which in turn would extinguish other disturbing noises. This concept is being popularly practiced and has shown some very encouraging results. This is a scientific approach to ensure noises which are commonly heard around us would take a backseat with one continuous noise which is the “white noise” able to penetrate our senses and helping us. Those of us who would be disturbed from various noises frequently when asleep could be helped by this new phenomenon, called white noise.

An innovative machine to help you sleep better    

It is this concept that has been developed in the recent past with the introduction of the white noise machine which would continuously dispense soft sound. This constant soft soothing sound would play in the minds of all those around and would help to shut off other disturbing sounds. The white noise machine has proven to be a success and is used extensively in offices, factories, homes and other places to cut down on sounds that would otherwise be disturbing. The white noise machine has been tested on those who have complaints of sleep deprivation and it has been proved as successful.

We look at some apps including the white noise machine that would bring this newly developed concept into an open office environment and how it could increase productivity.          

#1. Binaural – (Mac / iOS)

This is a free app and would help you to concentrate on the task at hand without being disturbed by sharp external noises. To comprehend the effects of the Binaural app it would be prudent to understand what binaural beats are. It may be described as two tones in different beats which would be less that 40Hz, being continuously played in either ear at the same time.

When these binaural beats continue you would hear a third beat which would really be an illusion but what that would do is to eliminate the other two beats taking them away and you would continue to hear only the binaural beat.   

#2. myNoise – (Web / iOS)

This is also a free app, which may not have a very attractive interface but what it lacks in looks it does compensate by its superlative performance. Any common noise that we would have to contend with, including natural sounds would all be shelved away and slowly subjugated to the sound of the myNoise app and it would help to go through undisturbed.

You would have the option of mixing sounds with your favorite colors and bring some spice into your endeavor to ensure the white noise takes over and over rides any other noise that would disturb you.

#3. Noisli – (Web / iOS / Android / Google Chrome)

This white noise app is also free and you would be able to create your own from the 16 different but selective sounds that would permit you to select or even combine and blend. You have a wide variety of noises which could be employed to keep the other disturbing noises away from disturbing you.

This is a very superlative experience once you have an idea of how you could use it to your advantage. The Noisli app is versatile and has proven its place among all other white noise apps.

#4. Rainy Mood (Web / iOS / Android)

It is only when we listen to rain intently would we realize that rain and the sound that it makes could be quite soothing to our ears. The Rainy Mood app takes you one step forward it creates the sound of rain and also in the midst of a thunderstorm.

We need to listen to it to understand the effect it would have but if you are trying to get some sleep the thunder strikes could be quite startling. It has positives where the volume could be controlled and also other sounds of birds, crickets and other rain related sounds could be added.

#5. LectroFan White Noise Machine

Last but not the least we look at the real thing and that is a white noise machine and what I would really recommend for an open office environment. The LectroFan stands out among the rest as it has proven to be one of the best performers providing the right white noise to ensure any other sounds which you would find in such an office environment being substantially eliminated.

Those who would be around could concentrate better and complete the tasks delegated to them, which is what productivity is all about. If those in any office or other working environment could complete their tasks within the stipulated time, that is productivity.