Have you ever wondered how the future will look like? Here I will show you five tech gadgets that will convince you that you are actually living in the future. All of these gadgets highlight some mind-blowing features that you won’t believe they actually exist. If you want to taste the tech of the future, take a look at the following gadgets.

1. LG’s Rollable TV

If you think that curved TV screen is jaw-dropping enough, take a look at LG’s latest tech invention that first appeared at CES 2016: a rollable OLED TV. The first time you see the TV, you won’t believe that it is a TV as its screen is as flat and as flexible as a sheet of plastic. The TV can show high-quality and sharp image both in rolled and expanded mode. As it is a screen, we can expect it to trigger massive changes in how all future devices with screen, including smartphones and laptops, will be designed.

2. Oombrella the Smart Umbrella

When you about to leave your home with cloud covering the sky, you are often unable to decide whether to carry an umbrella or not. With Oombrella, a simple yet revolutionary innovation introduced at CES 2016, you can be indecisive no more. Oombrella will tell you whether the rain will fall or not, thereby telling whether you will need an umbrella or not.

3. Immersit

You have already felt how amazing it is to play games using Oculus Rift and other similar VR gadgets. Immersit offers a more amazing entertainment experience by including 4D environment and ambiance to your enjoyment. Immersit is a tech-advanced couch that will rock, tilt and vibrate in sync with games, movies, TV shows, and everything that appears on screen that you are enjoying. Put on a VR goggle while sitting on it and you can enjoy a full 4D experience while enjoying your entertainment.

4. Smart Ski Airbag Vest

An inflatable safety vest is something that you must already be familiar with, but a vest with airbag, GPS and gyroscope, all of which are designed to keep you safe and secured, is definitely something that you want to have when doing such dangerous sports as ski. Smart ski airbag vest is your personal airbag when you slide across snow and zigzag through obstacles. It protects you from collision and its constantly turned on GPS will make sure that you will be located when you are lost.

5. EHang 184 AAV octocopter

Flying vehicle is what the traffic of the future comprises, right? EHang 184 AAV octocopter will make your dream come true if what you are looking for is a real flying vehicle to escape from traffic jam. This octocopter is designed to carry one passenger weighing up to 220 pounds. The vehicle is now ready to ride, but you may have to wait a little longer before you can fly this vehicle as regulations concerning safety, security and flight permit still stand in the way.