4 Advantages of Magnetic Tapes

There are a lot of innovative things that had humble beginnings decades ago. Automated teller machines (ATMs), DNA testing, solar electricity, fibre optics, a global positioning system (GPS), the Walkman, and mobile phones are just some of the now-indispensable improvements to the lives of all humankind. But other small inventions deserve attention as well. One of them is a versatile product called the magnetic tape, which had a different use back then.

A compact cassette was developed in the 1960s. It was made possible with the use of tape. Music was stored and recorded on it, which was a huge leap from vinyl. It became easier to listen to your favourite artists because you did not need bulky equipment to play them. Nowadays, thanks to handy music players and smartphones, there is now no need for the cassette. However, the magnetic tape lives on because, aside from its data-storing ability, more people saw its use in other, adhesive-based ways.

Arts and crafts

The thing about magnetic tapes is that there are endless possibilities for the stuff you can do. You can put them into pieces and incorporate them into whatever it is that you are doing. Arts and crafts projects with magnets are a surefire way to tap your inner creativity. Magnetic characters make storytelling even more alive. You can do away with your boredom with a do-it-yourself magnet-based Tic Tac Toe board. You can even stick these adhesive magnets on clothespins, and voila! You have an instant note holder. The possibilities are endless.

Vehicle guidance systems

Automated functions come in handy when it comes to most engineering and industrial manufacturing companies. Initially used in 1950, they have automated guided vehicles (also known as AGV), which has the sole purpose of moving parts from one location to another. Since it employs a remote wireless system, they use a sturdier type of magnetic tapes when mapping routes. The tape is placed on the ground as a good positioning fixture. These sensors are then connected to a control unit, which guides the vehicle through simple and complex maneuvers. Therefore, it is a good navigation system that is flexible, safe, and accurate, so production becomes fast and effective.

Home and office decorations

You may be in the mood to decorate if your home or office wall is too bare. Without breaking the bank, you can easily make a do-it-yourself magnetic board for on walls. No metal surface? No problem. Most durable magnetic tapes have an adhesive backing to stick them on anywhere – wood, tiles, stone, and even wallpaper. And if you are sticking one magnet to another, make sure that they are of opposite polarity. You can create a dream board or a photo wall. It can also help you in tool storage and organization.

There are other ways to use them, as well. One way is for labeling. If you have shelves or cabinets, you can make magnetic tape labels to make item searching easier and quicker. If you have a manual presentation, you can do it via a whiteboard and cutouts with magnets. There are a lot of options, so let your imagination run wild.


Signage, posters, and banners are common fixtures in business. When a sign has been up for too long, it may need additional reinforcement. You can use magnetic tapes of different sizes and durability to help you put them up longer. Some tapes are so strong that it can even hang important artifacts such as a framed business permit or delicate artwork.

If you want some form of support for your projects, magnets can be an option. Magnetic tapes may be the answer to your sticker needs.