Investing has many shapes, and one of them is managing a startup. It may seem like an easy thing since the term implies “starting”, but there is much more behind it, and it requires everyday work and dedication. If you decide to open a startup, ask yourself if this is what you genuinely want to do. Startups need passion because it can be a deal-breaker when times are tough. We don’t say everything will go as wrong as it can get but expect some bumps along the way. In the end, everything you start doing, you need some time to adjust to it, see what works and what does not and where are you the best at. The same goes for startups. We decided to decipher some frequently asked startup questions, so you can be reassured where to begin, what to do, and maybe something more. Let’s go!

Everybody had the Same Idea at Some Point

You will most commonly come across people when you are trying to establish connections who share similar ideas or even the same as you. If you are asking yourself if you are original enough, stop. It isn’t about originality, it’s about who’s ready to put in some work in it and make the idea come to life. While someone is talking enthusiastically about their “startup”, you will get the same answer when you ask them about their website or product “oh, I’m still working out the details”, or similar. This means they are probably too afraid to start, and while they are waiting, somebody else will do it. This isn’t stealing (be careful if you are serious about your startup, someone might take advantage of what you are talking about), but rather many of us have the same needs and ideas if yours is unique, kudos to you! But remember, if you don’t start, nothing will ever happen. Sounds logical, put in practice very few of them are ready to leave the current comfort zone.


Yes, investing is necessary, and at the beginning, it will probably be hard for you to deal with everything. Be ready for it. You will have to pay for one thing more, one person that is quite necessary for starting but you completely forgot about it, etc. What’s important to remember is that when people start investing, they think it will be all about the money. But that’s not the case. You will have to invest a lot of your time and money. Sometimes if you don’t have the money – you got time. And that’s what you can offer. As a startup owner, you will face things like working more than you would in a regular company and maybe staying past your bedtime brainstorming with your teammates. It’s okay. It’s your drive and passion that will lead you through the process, and you will figure it out. Just be ready that this is normal at the beginning.

Am I Too Old for it?

By “too old for it”, people are saying “am I allowed to leave my 9 to 5 job and do something I’m passionate about and think I can pull it off? Is it a pipe dream? Dear friend, if you have the skills and enough drive and you are reading this, it might be that you need additional push because you are too scared. Talk to your friends. Instead, talk to someone who will share an objective opinion so you can see if it sparks interest. Research about your audience. If you think it is needed, who else does? Who do you want to offer your service or product to? Find your niche. This way, you can be reassured and get onto work. Good luck!