Your presence online is crucial to your business success. It is essential for increasing the accessibility of your business while supporting brand awareness, audience building, and other marketing strategies. When done correctly, it can lead to more customers and your ability to grow your business. The most significant areas that contribute to your online presence are your website and your presence on social media. No matter what stage your business is in regarding your digital marketing, these three keys can help you improve your online presence and help you grow your business.

Setup and Optimize Your Website

If you don’t already have a website for your business, you are missing out on connecting with a large percentage of your audience. With more than 97 percent of consumers searching for products and services on the Internet, not having a website will hurt your business. Surprisingly, only 51 percent of small businesses have a site, according to research conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Your business website doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Keep it simple and create pages that showcase your company, your bio, contact information, testimonials, and a blog that you can use to share your unique voice and expertise with your audience. It is vital that you optimize your website by ensuring that it is mobile friendly, loads quickly, and has plenty of click-to-call buttons.

Choose Your Social Media Channels

If you want to improve your online presence and grow your business, you have to be active on social media. Engaging and interacting with your customers via social media is one of the most effective ways you can improve your online presence. Each network will provide you with a different opportunity to connect with your audience, explains the experts at The Muse. To get the most out of your efforts, focus on one or two primary social media channels that you can manage and grow without too much work.

You should focus your efforts on the three big platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Twitter is a great platform to initiate conversations with your customers, while LinkedIn is perfect for generating leads and expanding your network. When you decide on your preferred platform, spend at least 20 minutes a day creating content that your customers will enjoy. Enlist the help of a professional CRM portal to help you manage the contacts you make through your efforts.

Do More Than Just Blogging

Your business blog is a great way to increase your presence online while defining your brand’s voice. By sharing useful content, you’re also building trust with your customers. However, you should be doing more. As a small business, you should be developing multiple forms of content. This can include, videos, podcasts, infographics, eBooks, and online workshops and webinars. Adding this kind of material will increase your presence as the industry thought leaders in your sector pass the content around.

Having a substantial online presence can help you grow your business and find success. If you feel like you should be doing more, start incorporating these three suggestions into your digital marketing campaign and watch as your audience grows.