Your boiler room plays a critical role in generating steam or hot water for your commercial building. The question is, is your boiler room burning up more of your bottom line than necessary in the process?

The reality is, steam is generally a cost-effective and essential way of fueling machinery and providing utilities in big facilities. However, if you fail to maintain and improve your boiler room, this room won’t be efficient.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce and limit the loss of energy in your boiler room. Here’s a rundown on three important energy saving tips for a boiler room this summer.

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  1. Boiler Energy Saving Tips Include Installing a Quick-Startup Boiler

One of the best ways to save energy in your boiler room is to choose the right system for the room.

Unfortunately, heating up a massive fire tube boiler can easily take hours. As a result, these boilers often continue to run even when you don’t need any steam. After all, this will prevent you from having to shut down the boiler and then wait for it to heat up again.

Sadly, this process wastes fuel and thus money. In light of this, it is best to use a once-through boiler with a quick-startup function instead. This type of boiler can produce steam in five minutes, so you can turn your boiler off and on based on load demands.

  1. Burner Tuning

Another excellent way to save energy in your boiler room is to make sure that your system is getting an adequate amount of air.

When there is ample oxygen, proper fuel combustion will take place inside of your boiler. On the flip side, if you don’t have enough air, less heat will be released, as the fuel won’t be completely burned.

You can make sure that your boiler has plenty of air and thus fully burns your fuel through boiler burner tuning. Frequent tuning with the help of a professional will help you to achieve maximum energy and financial savings long term.

  1. Thermal Blanket

A steam thermal blanket is another excellent tool for improving the performance and efficiency of your steam system.

Plants often remove insulation from boiler room valves for maintenance purposes, and they never put the insulation back since this can be a hassle. however, when large valves are exposed, this leads to immense heat loss.

Fortunately, a steam blanket can easily go where your system is missing insulation. The blanket is designed to custom fit your gate valves, flanges, steam traps, boiler heads, and other system components.

A thermal blanket will immediately deliver energy savings while also offering the benefit of being convenient to install and remove as needed.

How We Can Help 

If you boiler system is losing heat, condensate, or steam anywhere, you are losing valuable energy. And that translates to preventable monetary losses.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to make your boiler more efficient and to keep it operating at its optimum level. Follow the above energy saving tips to choose and maintain a system that will maximize efficiency and cost savings for you.

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