Driving can be a difficult thing to do because of its demanding nature. It requires you to be at best of your capabilities both mentally and physically. A little lapse of concentration can produce a disaster and driving is all about avoiding that. No matter how skilled you are as a driver, without following safety precautions, you can end up in trouble.  

If you know the dos and don’ts of driving, you are more likely to do good behind the wheels. In this blog, we will discuss different safety precautions to consider while driving.

Wear Your Seat Belt:

The first lesson that any driving instructor will give you is to wear a seat belt. It is one of the basic rules of driving and can be a lifesaver in an accident. According to research, a seat belt reduces the fatality rate by 45 percent during road accidents. Seat belts control the reaction force of the body during a crash and prevent the body from ejecting out. It also minimizes contact of the body with the car’s interior preventing life-threatening injuries.

Use Mirrors:

The use of mirrors is an essential part of driving safely. There are some blind spots in every vehicle, and properly adjusted mirrors can minimize them. Make use of all the mirrors including rear-view mirror and side mirrors to get a better vision of the surroundings. They allow you to examine the whole road without turning your head around. You can be aware of all the approaching dangers by looking at the mirrors and anticipate accordingly.

Drive Within the Speed Limit:

Speed thrills but kills, this statement is tailor-made for driving. Facts and figures have shown that most fatalities related to road accidents are caused by over speeding. Driving within the speed limit not only minimizes the chance of accidents but also helps in following traffic rules. A driver moving at normal speed has a better vision and concentration. Driving at slow speed also improves fuel efficiency.

Follow Traffic Signs:

There are endless possibilities when you are on the road and having a guideline is essential. Traffic signs are meant to be helpful for drivers and following them is key to safe driving. They provide a systematic mechanism for traffic so that everyone knows what to do. Traffic signals help keep a smooth flow of traffic by preventing any deadlocks. They are a blessing in deserted roads where there is no one else to help you out.

Maintain Your Vehicle:

The maintenance of your vehicle can save you from many headaches. From an oil change to checking the parts of the engine, you should always update the condition of your car. It will enhance the performance of your car and give you a smooth ride behind the wheels. If you have a properly maintained car, you can get anywhere quickly and conveniently. A well-maintained car is safer to drive with fewer chances of getting into an accident.

Regular maintenance of your car will give it greater longevity. It will also help in saving a lot of money for the long run.

Use Car Mounts:

Let’s face it, we all use mobile phones while driving and there is no harm in it if done safely. Using car phone holders make the usage of mobile phone convenient during driving. It gives you a close access point without hindering your vision. Car mount allows you to pick up calls, read messages or use GPS on your phone easily while driving. It reduces distractions and helps a driver to focus on the road.

Stay Alert:

Driving is an unpredictable job where you never know what’s next. You should always remain on your toes while driving to adjust according to changing situations. There are tons of things to consider while driving and that can throw you off. But you should not lose focus and keep your eyes on the road. Never get on the road if you are exhausted or sleep deprived because it will impair your ability to concentrate.

During long drives, it can be hard to stay alert, but few things can help you. For example, chewing gum, listening to music, talking and laughing can keep you alert.

Drive Defensively:

Driving is not about taking risky turns and changing lanes speedily. It is about moving safely and keeping others safe too. Everyone goes through that frenzy driving phase in their teens, but with maturity, the madness should end. You should always keep a 2-second distance from the car in front of you. It will give you a better view of the road and more reaction time if something bad happens.

Driving defensively can also limit your chances of getting a ticket and keeps your car in better condition.

Be Patient:

On the road, many things can get you agitated and force you to drive recklessly. Road rage can get you in a life and death situation, or you can end up behind bars. Therefore, being patient is the key to driving safely. You have to accept the fact that you are not the only one on the road. Everyone has his way of driving, and you have to be vigilant enough to steer clear of accidents.

Few things can help you to remain patient while driving. Like preparing well before driving or listening to music are useful hacks for patient driving.

Don’t Drive Under the Influence:

We all know that driving under the influence can have some disastrous repercussions. From getting into jail to losing your license, you can face anything. You can even get killed or injured for a lifetime. Driving under the influence not only poses a threat to your wellbeing but for others too. So, make sure not to get behind the wheels when you are high or drunk.


Remember that safe driving does not only mean to save yourself; it also means the safety of everyone around you. Following the tips mentioned above will ensure that you enjoy a safe drive back home.