Due to various safety reasons, it becomes obvious for an individual to know the exact location as well as well versed with the traveling settings which are installed in their vehicle. It includes a clear record for the maintenance which can use to improve a performance of the vehicle which would avoid major breakdowns. If in case there are theft issues in your locality where you usually park your car is high, it is better to install a security system in your car. If aiming forward towards recording the exact location as well as condition the vehicle you should glance through a top 10 list of GPS trackers recommended for a car.

1. Skynanny

Skynanny is one of the kinds of GPS tracker for your car is considered to be a good tracker as it adds better standard and functionality to your vehicle. It also consists of a button SOS, it is mostly present in the trackers which are highly expensive. The kind of hardware which is used to develop has to be of good quality. Skynanny, these particular devices have the lowest cost which is involved. The cost involved to any ownership of GPS car tracker would mostly cost one to nearly $200.

2. Live Trac PT-10

Live Trac PT-10 has been packaged with a high tech ability battery as well as has a feature called motion-activated for tracking. It further helps to correlate with other devices well to do tremendous tracking for a device. It also includes time-bounded position updates which are scheduled and uses smart motion functionality to update and schedule which saves battery. It conserves the battery life and hence offers services which last long. It is massive and incautious as in contrast with other trackers available in a market.

3. The Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker

These days many organizations make use of Mileage Ace to do proper accounting and to improve their logistics departments. The selected driver generates the logs which are further used by the driver when they do returns trips. This app helps to automatically upload all details of the trips. It has got a GPS Protection Plan that protects the product from any breakdown or malfunction.

4. Trackimo

It is a kind of a car GPS tracker which is a powerful device and has got better functionality features and also very economical. It makes use of tracking function known as motion-activated which enables to plan to extend the lifespan of the batteries. It comes along with GPS satellites and it later transfers the entire data using servers such as AT and T, which is the well known wireless connection.

5. Spezia

Spiezio is considered to be very essential for every driver and even for a caring parent as they are usually in search best GPS tracker for their car. One should necessarily not prefer to see further for any other option than the Spyzie. Just like any other GPS trackers, this tracker has got various features which help to source out envy with thin no time by these trackers.

6. MOTOsafety OBD Teenage Driving Training Car Monitoring System

This is a kind of serial tracker with the port which provides you with complete information about what is happening in your car. It usually allocates reports for coaching programs which is a kind of a guide for new drivers. It also supports geofencing that enables you to install and helps you out during the hour of need. The methods which replay give you an overview of the entire driving route for the entire day. This device also shares the daily report to the driver card which reviews about the distance which was covered in an entire day along with the route which at times becomes helpful for future references.

7. Brickhouse Security Spark Nano

This tracker is considered to be a great device preferred across the globe. The device helps in tracking people real time when they drive. It is said to be a kind of perfect device for entrepreneurs as well as for parents who usually track their children. One can also view different positions by using PC, tablet or mobile phone. The speed well as the position of the individual is communicated through alerts which are usually directly shared via email or text messages. It consists of a powerful as well as a transportable battery with long life. It functions solely on Brickhouse platform.

8. PocketFinder

It is kind of a tracking device which helps the family members to keep a track on their dear ones. This device has been perfectly designed for kids especially the ones which go to school or even useful for their seniors. It consists of the latest technology to track the location and has a capacity to use 3 locations at a time. On the other hand, GPS tracker provides you with the precise position of their vehicle.

9. AMBERalertGPS

It is another one of the best tracking devices which helps to of communicates and track a location of any products or services. This device has a GPS tracker attached to it which place regular gap while monitoring time if in a case of any movement case is monitored. It also updates you safety updates and warns you if there any safety or if the speed limit is crossed. The device also has a voice calling feature attached to it which further permits you to the parent as well as the child to do emergency call if they are stuck somewhere.

10. Caref GPS

This device is a kind of a phone watch tracker for a car which is considered to be a GPS vehicle tracker. It is very economical and easy to use, thanks to the voice over capacity. It also supports with the alarm system of S.O.S. The device is actually a kind of water-resistant for use for the user in any scenario. The tracking watch allows you to send and receive text messages and phone calls. It has got various affluent features like a panic alert button as well as voice-to-voice which is really helpful during an hour of need.