Tinted car

Tinted car windows are becoming more and more popular. Not only because the car looks more attractive, but also because it increases the comfort of its use.

Below we present the advantages and disadvantages of tinted glass, because the most important thing is safety.

Protection against UV radiation.

Many approved good films have a filter that protects people in the cabin from harmful rays.

Lower light transmission.

On hot and sunny days we can count on a lower temperature in the car. Thanks to the use of darkened glass, the interior of the car warms up slower.

Special so-called metallized films play a special role here, because they can reduce the heating of the car interior from 60% upwards.

Reducing the risk of blindness.

Tinted windows reduce the risk of blinding by sunlight or an approaching car.

Protection of the glass in the event of an accident.

In case of darkening the car windows with foil, we can additionally strengthen them and in case of a collision the risk of glass fragments falling into the cabin is reduced.

Thanks to the laminate, the glasses become a safe glass of the vehicle, which means that you have SECURIT type glasses at your disposal.

More security.

The use of tinted glass can make the interior of the car less visible to people “on the street”. – it is more difficult to see things left inside, which reduces the risk of break-ins and access to the interior.


Tinted windows make the interior of the car less visible, so you get more privacy (transported people mobile phone).

Easy to disassemble.

In the case of tinted glass with the use of foil we can easily remove them when we get bored with this solution.

What kind of window tinting to choose?

Before we tint the windows in our car, we have to decide which method to choose.

We have a choice:

  • Foil tinting, which is more economical, gives a large and individual possibility to choose the colour and degrees of shading and easy to dismantle,
  • stove glazing tinting, which is more exclusive but also more satisfying (photochrome effect, tinting of glass).

More information about tinting car windows can be found at Scheibentönung Fraknkfurt.