It is a reality that ethernet cables capable of high speed provide quicker and reliable connection as compared to the Wi-Fi network. The ethernet cables give you the best gaming experience without having any trouble or any connection drop.

Choosing a good quality ethernet cable is a tricky task as all wires are not the same in terms of quality. Moreover, network cables are different in cost, quality, security, speed, and size.

If you are looking for the best ethernet cable for gaming devices like PlayStation or an Xbox, then you should select the cable cautiously.

This post will help you to get the best ethernet cable for your gaming device and the factors to looking into the cable to choose the best ethernet cable.

Underlying factors like understanding the network connection type, speed of an ISP, required cord length, and whether to choose a multi-colored option or not can aid you to buy the best appropriate option.

Factors to look for before buying an ethernet cable

Ethernet cables are classified into different categories. Every category has its specialty and downsides. network cables such as CAT5 and CAT5E are basically in use for household stuff due to their reasonable costs, and they work appropriately for the connections till 100mbps.

Whereas CAT-6 and CAT-6A are perfect for professional settings as they work best for 10gbps. The CAT-7 and cat-7A are the high ends ethernet cables that work best at higher speeds.

Length of the cable

Length of the network cables has a significant impact on the signal quality. The shortest the length is, the better the signal quality will be. So make sure to buy cables with the shortest length since it will provide the best signal quality. They connect appropriately to your device and have attached connectors as well.

It is suggested to measure the distance between the router and the gaming distance and choose the length of 100 meters for an ethernet cable.

Capacity and wireless access

It requires thorough research before choosing the best wireless point so that it can match the requirements. Selecting a good wireless access point is as important as selecting a network cable. Capacity is another important factor before selecting a network cable for your households or gaming.

Who can use CAT cables?

Anyone can use CAT cables with significant needs for gaming. CAT5E and CAT 6 works best for heavy requirements of gaming.

Since cat6 is an advanced version, it works better than CAT5E and is best for heavy processors and gaming.


Gamers that are highly centered about their gaming do not like any interference and connection drop in their games. Since all the categories of cables are not the same, it may interrupt your system. So, if you choose CAT6E, make sure all of your other network cables are of CAT6E too.

Business needs to be extra careful about multiple colors of sables to know the network type transferred from the cables. But since you are using these cable for gaming purpose, so you don’t need to be extra careful.

Choose the best ethernet cable and enjoy the continuous experience of gaming!