If you’re based in South East Queensland and need a new business website, it’s a fair guess that you have perused the sites of web development companies in Brisbane and Logan, and wondered what they can do that you can’t? After all, surely it can’t be too difficult to put together your own website, particularly with all the information, how-to videos and free themes available on the internet.

Whether you need a revamped website or a brand new site, it’s always going to be better to hire a local industry professional, rather than trying to do it yourself. The main reason why a reputable company will do a much better job is that they know everything about websites and how to make a return on your investment.

As a business owner, you already know that in almost every area of your business, outsourcing to a specialist is the right move. You wouldn’t do a complicated tax return or draw up legal documents when accountants and lawyers specialise in that field, so why should web design be any different?

No matter what it is, you’re ultimately looking for the right outcome and the best bang for your buck. But if you’re still on the fence, here are three solid reasons why you need to check out your local web development companies in Brisbane or Logan and forget about a DIY job.

  1. You’ll save time

You can easily do the maths on this one. Let’s say you spend 30 hours working on your website (which easily happens even on small DIY sites) and you charge $50 per hour in your business. That’s $1500 of your time right there which could have been spent on bringing in revenue or simply running your business.

  1. You’ll get more traffic

A website which has been developed by quality web development companies in Brisbane/Logan will have been optimised for search engines. This means that all of the key components of your website which impact on your ranking in search engines like Google will have been set up correctly.

This ultimately means you’ll get more visitors through to your website, even if you don’t spend a cent on additional services like search engine optimisation (though that’s definitely still recommended).

  1. You’ll convert more visitors into customers

You probably haven’t factored in key considerations such as speed, security, the user experience, conversions, mobile-responsiveness, search engine optimisation, and more. There are dozens of considerations in a holistic website project, and collectively these improve your conversion rate. In other words, more website visitors turn into customers.

Let’s say the developer’s website converts twice as well as yours does, and your average lifetime customer value is $5000. Going from 20 to 40 new customers via the website (your version versus the developer’s) each year means an extra $100k in your pocket every year. Suddenly that website price tag looks like incredible value.

There’s so much to building a high quality website that actually delivers results for your business, and that’s why it’s best left to web development companies in Brisbane and Logan businesses hiring professional web developers will appreciate that their website achieves all of these goals, giving your business a significant advantage over the competition.