We must know that auto window tinting depends on the place to place and as well as it depends on the climate of your area where you will drive your car mostly. The primary purpose of tinting is all tinting films should protect from any harmful rays or heat of the sun. There are many types of Window Tint Films. But we will discuss only familiar window tinting films that are mostly used at Flying Window Tinting Orlando.

It is a tough challenge for the car owners to choose the best tinting for their cars. You travel with your friends and family, and you care a lot for them. You must always look for the quality material used in the window tinting of car. Therefore, here, we have five different types of quality window tinting:

1: Dyed Window Tinting

For auto window tinting, you must go for dyed window tinting. It is less expensive but provides you more protection from the sun rays. Using the multiple layers of Dye, they give the maximum protection. The primary purpose of Dye is that it absorbs the heat of the sun, and it will not allow the heat to enter into the car. Moreover, if you have a reasonable budget, then you can use this. Otherwise, there are other quality films that you should read and take a decision.

The appearance of this dye window tinting is, which helps in your privacy. The worst part is, you need to replaced whenever it damaged. It is not a permanent window tinting. It gives less protection as compared to other window tint films.

2: Hybrid Window Tinting

Both metallic and Dye particles are present in this kind of auto window tinting films. This window tinting can provide 82% heat protection from the sun. The cooling cost also decreases because to control the hot spots. Hybrid Window Tinting is available in different shades. Some people want to make glare reduction. If this is your priority, then Flying Window tinting Orlando install another film which only focuses on the glare. It is almost you are wearing sunglasses.

In this case, it is easy for you to watch movies and use mobile phones within the vehicle. The combination is similar to your mirror neither dark nor light. If we talk about UV protection, then it gives 100% of UV Protection rays. Furthermore, it prevents to fabrics, and cannot damage your skin.

3: Crystalline Tinting

The primary and more important benefit of this window tinting is it protects from all kinds of UV rays. The color of this kind of window tinting is colorless, which means it looks like there is no tinting, and it is crystal form. The overall look of the mirror will become original. It does not require any dark film and block the heat from outside and keep your day journey safe.

  1. This film can reject 87% of solar heat.
  2. It does not contain any metal.
  3. There is a lifetime warranty.
  4. If you are driving in the night, then it increases the visibility in the dark.

4: Carbon Window Tinting

If you want to make your vehicle more attractive and stylish, then go for the carbon window tinting. It has all kind of ability to stop the UV sun rays. Although it can prevent 40% of IR radiations. IR radiation heats the car interiors; therefore, you don’t need to worry about the interior heat protection while using carbon window tinting.

On the other hand, in carbon film, it has 70% light transmittance. 98% of the UV light protection. If we talk about the difference between carbon and dyed tinting, then carbon tinting doesn’t fade and is more durable as compared to dyed window tinting.

5: Ceramic Auto Window Tinting

From all the above, if you want more quality and have more budget, then obviously go for the ceramic auto window tinting. Ceramic particles are famous for their nonconductive property. It is a new type of tinting and applies to many cars as a result of this window tinting is proven. And, therefore, it is expensive and gives the best results.

It can block 50% of the sun heat. If we see UV rays, then it protects 99% of UV rays.

In conclusion, we recommend that if you need some quality work then must visit the flying window tinting and get free advice and choose the best tinting for yourself.

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