Social media has become the part and parcel of today’s world.  At all the locations, be it in public places, office, home or when people are at travel, they take along their smartphones and stay on social media for a long time. Though it is one of the best places to kill the time, it is supposed to have adverse effects widespread. The more people tend to expose their personal information, the more the risks they invite. 

Facebook is the topmost social media platform that provides people with lots of facilities and it also provides real-time interaction with each other.  People tend to upload photos, videos, tag the location, check-in live, etc. Based on the various surveys, it is always a point of argument that Facebook misuses personal information.  In the world of social media, it is not easy to get rid of Facebook but people can definitely make their data safe in Facebook. Below are the five tips to keep data safe in Facebook.

Opting out for the Advertisements

The major threat to the leak of any personal data is clicking through the unnecessary and irrelevant ads that pop up or cross by when people are active on Facebook. This would download all the personal data to the local server. To avoid seeing any irrelevant or suspicious ads, one must choose Settings and then choose Ads on the left. Navigate to the section “Your ad preferences” and then click on Ad settings. Under the section “Ads based on data from partners” people can decide if to opt-out of seeing ads that are based on the companies which is partnering with Facebook.

Cutting off the Third-party apps

Last year, it was a big blow to Facebook, when it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a UK political firm has been misusing the data on Facebook. This scandal revealed how much data has been transferred to third party companies without people’s knowledge. Since then, Facebook gave an option to the users that they can opt-out for restricting how third-party apps can stop using the data. Go to Settings, and then choose Apps and websites from the left. It will show the list of apps that the user is using and with which they have given permission from using through Facebook. From the list, the users can de-select any app that they don’t want to give permission to access their data.

Using outside blocking tool

One of the best out sourced tools is the Safari browser which will automatically block Facebook or any other social media platforms to use two types of web trackers on websites and third party cookies and browser finger printing.

Keeping location under wrap

It is not always advisable to reveal the location where the people are exactly in. On Facebook, people can limit how much the app can know about the people around them or their friends and strangers. The major thing to do is to disable the location services on the phone which is more than enough to restrict the app to reveal the data loosely.

Personalizing the news feed

People can restrict who can view the data that they share on the newsfeed. People should be careful enough to understand what type of information they post and how long it reaches others. They should restrict sharing the data to strangers.

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