When you talk about Instagram lots of Questions arises in our minds. The major question that clicks in our mind is how we can get or increase Instagram likes? This is a simple thing but we make it complicated most of the times. In this article, I will tell you about how you can increase your Instagram likes. There are several tips for doing that. Which are described below:

  • Share photos of High Quality

This is a simple thing but people don’t give importance to this. It is important for you to use photos of high-quality. If you are using pictures which are blurred, lighting is not good, the result is not clear you are not going to get many likes. If you are using graphic which contains lots of text and not arranged properly font size is not consistent. This will not put a good picture of your follower’s mind.

It is not necessary that you must be an expert photographer or graphic designer, you just need to raise the quality of the photo by using a good camera in the good lighting environment. If you will take care of these little but important things believe me you will get more ig likes than you have expected.

  • The caption should be engaging

This is not just enough to post a quality image it is also necessary that write engaging and interesting caption also. You should avoid one sentence caption rather used to tell a story, share tips that are actionable, or post some inspirational quotes. The caption should be relatable. When you have related caption it will bring more people to your website and likes will be increased.

  • Promotion via other platforms

Everyone in your audience list will not always see each and every post of you. So simple and easy way is to share your post on other platforms which will give you more traffic. More views more reach and more ig likes which we need. Make sure that people follow you on different platforms this will increases your chances of success. Don’t leave the advantages of boosting platforms such as buyiglikesfast.com from your sight – you can buy Instagram likes there to ease some steps on promoting your photos.

  • Use CTA technique

CTA stands for a call to action. You can do this by simply adding a call to action at the end of your caption. Like you can ask “Isn’t that seems good”. And you can also ask them “Like the post if you agree with me?” This is another good way to increase likes.

  • You must be aware of your audience

You will be very much comfortable when you will know who your target audience is? When you are aware of their interests. Like if they like foods, fashion, lifestyles, etc. You will be posting about these. Instagram is a nice platform to do this. Just select your niche and target audience what they want. This will brings you more likes and followers on Instagram.

  • Location tag in every post

This is also a very simple approach to get likes on Instagram. When you tag your location in your posts this will drastically increase your views and reach on your posts. You have the choice to add the location of your own choice. You must have the awareness that what locations will help you target your audience.

  • Likes and comments on others post

If you want to increase your ig likes you must spend some time liking and comment on the posts of others. When you will do this will send him a message you don’t only support him but likes him also this will give you reward in the shape of back likes. If you have just posted and run away you will find it difficult to get likes and more reach. If you want to get likes using this strategy I will recommend you to spend at least half an hour on liking post of audiences, place genuine comments and reply to their stories. What you will get you can’t even imagine.

  • Use of best Hash-Tags

You want to get more ig likes posts to use right hashtags for that. This approach will not only bring you like but your entire Instagram strategy will be changed. You can use a maximum of 30 hash-tags in a post so use it wisely to enhance audience reach and get more likes.

  • Friends tagging

If you want to get more likes it is necessary that your post must be seen by a greater number of people. You can use the call to action strategy here by asking your friend to tag a friend in this post. This will automatically give you lots of likes. You can use this by sharing content about education and entertainment this will brings you lots of shares as well.

  • Use of stories regularly

Using Instagram stories will not only allow your content to be seen by a wide audience but it will also help you get likes as well. Easy way to do is just simply post your story and ask your audience to check out that. This will boost traffic and increase likes as well.

  • Tag your favorite brands

A simple way to do is tag your favorite brands in your posts, photos as well. When you will do this they will receive notification and will come to your post and give you likes as well. There is also a possibility that they will share your content on their account also. As a result, this will give you lots of followers and likes.

  • The idea of hosting a giveaway

It seems for fun but that’s not the case. It will give you a large number of followers and likes. If you invite your audience likes your post and as a result, you will be qualified for the giveaway and you will get a lot of likes in this way.

  • Pay for advertisement

The last but not the least way of getting Instagram likes is to pay for advertising options. Paid advertisement will bring more traffic to your sales page and will boost your business as well and also likes. If you are really serious and want to get likes on Instagram these are best approaches for you to follow and get likes.