Twitter Acquires Threader
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Twitter has recently announced that it is bringing Threader, an application that enables users to build and share tweet threads in more readable form by simply tweeting @threader_app collect inside a thread reply chain. AS you can see in this situation, when you tweet at the Threader software, it comes in the collective text chain of the thread for your reading and sharing with others and provides usefulness to length tweets.

Twitter Acquired Threader: Twitter Blue Services is increasing

Twitter Acquires Threader has multiple tools that provide this functionality but has now included the same feature into its Blue paid subscription service that the Threader team assisted within the development.

We have been energized by the reception that we have received so far. But the works are in progress, and there are many things to create but consider the latest look inside Twitter Blue.

  1. Support A Thriving Free Press

In continuing with our commitment to boost and support publishers and free press, a section of revenue from twitter Blue subscriptions fees goes directly to publishers within our network. Our purpose is to help each publishing partner make 50% more per person than they will make from serving ads to that person.

  1. Customize your Tweets

Subscribers can add more aptitude to their Twitter experiences with unique app icons, colorful themes, and Bookmarks sections. We are also launching Custom navigation that enables you to customize what appears in their navigation bar for quick access to twitter destinations that you care about most.

  1. Tweet Smarter Read Better

With undo tweets, subscribers can preview and publish perfect tweets before they are sent. The subscribers also have access to a reader that converts long threads into a more accessible–to–read experience. They can also alter text size inside the reader to customize their experiences even more.

Twitter Blue Labs: Get Quick Access to New Features

At lastly, the subscribers can get fast access to features we are experimenting with before anyone else. This feature might be available to the rest of Twitter, qualify to a new part of Twitter Blue or a depressing response we heard from subscribers.

They will change frequently, but for now, the subscriber will upload a video of up to 10 minutes by Longer Video Uploads and pin their conversation to the top of their DMs with Pinned tweets.

Modify as We Go – With Your Response in Mind

From our initial launch, we discovered that current subscribers loved the functions we delivered to the market, including the ability to personalize and tailor their experience on Twitter to fulfill their needs and personalities, and of course, to check their Tweets before they exit in the wild. We additionally discovered they need even more customization, exclusive first-looks, and the ability to make their Twitter enjoy more functionality. And we’re building towards precisely that.

With Twitter Blue, we aren’t only bringing the most active people on Twitter more of what they need; however, plus supporting local, national, and ad-free journalism directly.