Cinema is great! Thanks to it, even bridges can reach the celebrity stage. A bridge, it does not sign autographs and it does not take selfies but, it is visited. The top ten bridges of this category thus have one thing in common: the cinema has given them worldwide popularity. And if some would have probably done without it, others, owe their celebrity to the film (s) who one day, brought them to light …

1. The Golden Gate (San Francisco, USA)

Probably the most popular bridge (and one of the most spectacular) in the United States. A real movie star made famous by Alfred Hitchcock in Cold Sweats, later starring many feature films. It can be seen in Rock, Interview with a Vampire, it is the scene of the revolt of the monkeys in The Planet of the Apes: The Origins, it takes super dear in San Andreas and in Pacific Rim …

2. The New Bridge (Paris, France)

Here is one that has inspired many people. Painters like Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissaro for example. Cinema level, it is inevitably The Lovers of the New Bridge, Léos Carax who wins the prize. It can also be seen in Memory in the skin. In another style …

3. The Roseman Bridge (Winterset, USA)

Americans have something with covered bridges. The most famous? On Madison Road, Clint Eastwood’s romance, with Meryl Streep. A film that tells the story of a guy who photographed the covered bridges in Madison County. It is true that this bridge is beautiful. There are lots of things to uncover in the United States, stay at Congress Hall and explore the wonder.

4. The Kwai River Bridge (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)

This is the bridge that inspired the novelist Pierre Boulle, whose book was later adapted to the cinema by David Lean in 1957. However, it is not the bridge that sees it in the film. As incredible as it may seem today, at the time of the digital special effects, the film crews built a real bridge that they then exploded for the scene of the film where the point is destroyed.

5. The Queensboro Bridge (New York, USA)

This is the bridge that can be seen on the Manhattan poster, Woody Allen’s movie. It is also possible to reproduce the scene by going to Sutton Square. A tiny enclave at the river’s edge, where the “bench” awaits you! Finally, it’s not the same but say we can sit and really feel like redoing the movie. We also saw the Queensboro Bridge in Spider-Man, by Sam Raimi.

6. The Brooklyn Bridge (New York, USA)

The Big Apple is rather well done in terms of bridges. By the way, the Brooklyn Bridge is perhaps the most famous. On the one hand because it is nice but also because it has been seen in many movies. As early as 1896, the Lumière brothers paid tribute to him in the Brooklyn Bridge. He is also in Once Upon a Time in America, by Sergio Leone (not to be confused with the Manhattan Bridge, which appears in the most famous shot) and Godzilla breathes his last breath in the turnip of Roland Emmerich with Jean Reno. Will Smith also plays in I’m a legend. In fact, you can walk or bike safely on a bridge over the road.

7. The Tower Bridge (London, England)

A bridge like no other, consisting of two huge towers (hence its name, not crazy these English). He, too, is a real star. A must-see in the credits of Trainspotting, Mission: Impossible, The Fall of London, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Elephant Man … Anyway, when a film takes place in London, we are usually served with Big Ben.

8. The Millennium Bridge (London, England)

Still in London, but in a more modern register, Millenium Bridge stood out in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Note that this is a pedestrian bridge.

9. The Williamsburg Bridge (New York, USA)

When we told you that New York, bridges level, it was the international class! This one also does not have to blush if it is compared to its illustrious neighbors. Inaugurated in 1903, it is in Once Upon a Time in America, French Connection, The Dark Knight Rises, Leon, American Gangster and The Amazing Spider-Man. It connects Manhattan and the Williamsburg district.

10. The Lake Britton Bridge (Burney, USA)

In Stand By Me, Rob Reiner’s masterpiece adapted from Stephen King, children cross the river on this railway bridge. While they are almost on the other side, the train arrives, forcing them to run … A cult scene. If you want to know what happens next, you know what you have to do …