In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 that is getting massive, physical distancing is performed, including closing tourist attractions. However, being at home for several months surely makes most people get bored and even stressed. Thanks to the technology, the boredom can be handled well by having a tour virtually. Through the virtual tour, tour guides walk around and explore particular tourist spots and their trip is broadcasted live through a video conference.

There are free virtual tours and paid virtual tours. If there is any virtual tour you are interested to join, check these tips below first to optimize your virtual tour experience.

Choose Credible Tour Operators

Among so many tourist agencies that hold virtual tours, you should be careful and selective in choosing the credible, trusted, and professional one. The more credible and the more professional the tour agency is, the higher the quality of the virtual tour to be presented. Not only explain the tourist destination, but the guide also has special knowledge about the tourist destination. Virtual tours are generally divided into 2 types; the one guided by at-home tour guides and the one where the guides are really in the tourist spots.

If the virtual tour is guided by guides who are at home, you will usually get explanations through photo slides, Google Map, Google Street View, YouTube, and direct explanations from the guides themselves. If the virtual tour presents guides who directly guide live from the tourist spot, you can see the conditions of the tourist spots live from your gadget. The sensation of these 2 kinds of virtual tour are completely different. So, make sure you choose the most suitable one that meets your preferences.

Find Out the Payment System

If you want to join a paid virtual tour, there are several payment methods that you can choose. Some are totally free, some are paid with a predetermined rate, and some others apply the pay as you wish system. Usually, a virtual tour with a predetermined rate will present a higher quality tour with a guide who guides directly from the tourist destination. The tour agency would also give special discounts for those who register for more than one participant.

While the one with the pay as you wish system, you are given a freedom to pay the virtual tour according to your satisfaction towards the virtual tour. Moreover, find out whether the tour agency provides payment through credit cards, debit cards, Union Pay, and many more or not.

Choose the Schedule

The next tip is choosing the tour schedule. Make sure you choose the right tour schedule that matches your spare time so that you will be able to enjoy the virtual tour from the beginning to the end without being distracted with other activities. It is surely no fun when you remember about your unfinished deadline in the middle of the virtual tour.

Be Active in Asking Questions

When the tour guide offers a question and answer session, do not take it for granted. Be active in asking questions and anything you want to know. So, you will be able to widen your knowledge and you get something useful from the virtual tour. Find information as much as possible from the tour guide about anything related to the tourist destination being explored in the virtual tour.

Prepare Snacks

A high-quality virtual tour usually takes around an hour up to 2 hours. So, there is nothing wrong to prepare your favorite snacks and drink to accompany you during the virtual tour. This way, you will not miss any seconds of the virtual tour because you take out some foods and drinks to handle your hunger.

Make A Small Note

During the virtual tour, make sure you always listen to the explanation of the guide. Make small notes about important information and points. This small note will be very useful if you are planning to visit the tourist destination once the pandemic has gone. By making small notes, you are not only having fun with the virtual tour, but you can also add and widen your knowledge.

By adopting and using the technology, players in the tourism industry are able to create and use new opportunities to serve their customers who want to relieve their boredom and stress by traveling during the pandemic safely. Through virtual tours, tour guides and travel agents can keep their businesses running in the middle of the pandemic. So, are you interested in joining a virtual tour?

Source: ITIGIC