Free Proxy Websites or Web Proxy, as the name, is a proxy-server based website that is functioned as an anonymizer. What does it mean exactly? Well, different from any other websites, it is used as the medium between the client and web server in every transaction. It means that the detailed identities of clients, the client can be you, cannot be detected by the server. Your identity can be more secured anyway.

How can it be? In every process of data transferring, your IP Address is not appeared on the web server because the web proxy has hidden your IP anonymously. So, the scheme is as follow: web client – web proxy – web server. Between web client and web proxy, it is namely Connection 1. It works just after the client opens the connection. Proxy intercepts it and also impersonates the server. Meanwhile, there is Connection 2 between the web proxy and web server. Once proxy opens up the connection to server, the server responds back to the clients through Connection 1.

Free Web Proxy has mainly two types; they are CGI proxy and PHP Proxy. It is actually really easy to use such anonymizers. Just submit your URL on the column available and click something like ‘Go’, ‘Surf’, ‘Browse’, ‘Submit’, and others.

Benefits of Web Proxy

As it has been mentioned above, the main benefit of using Free Web Proxy sites is of course your IP can be anonymous. Therefore, you can just browse anything more freely to protect your privacy. This is advantageous particularly if you want to find information which is really private. Besides, it is possible also if you are already involved in such a secret project. Rather than your identity is being exposed or even hacked, it is much better to protect all of them using this feature?

The second benefit is to solve the problems like bypassing internet filtering or unblock site. When wanting to access a certain site, you may have experienced to find a message ‘Access Denied’ or ‘Internet Filtering’. The conclusion is clear enough; it is that you are not allowed to visit the site. Maybe, it is because the server or provider you use to access has blocked the site. It is often happened when you use internet in school, college, or office. The worse thing is when you may not be able to access some entertainment sites and social media. Here is why web proxy is very beneficial since it can bypass those inaccessible sites.

Third, Web Proxy can also be used for getting internet access or connection for free. In some spots or areas, the internet can just be accessed when you pay a certain amount of money. Well, if you want to find the connection for free, Web Proxy is able to help you. The method commonly used is by translating the Web proxy address to the IP Address. Next, the proxy will be submitted to the Smartphone’s APN setting or browsers. Before you enter a certain site, you can go to a bug or query sites at first.

How to Use Web Proxy

Web proxy is undeniably the safest way to hide your identity compared to some other proxies like open http proxy and anonymity network. This method is more necessary when you don’t use your own computer since the entire methods are run through browsers and it can work in any operation system. However, you still need to be really careful mainly in choosing the proxy web itself. Make sure to find a proxy list which is guaranteed to be safe and secured. One of the most recommended is It is also recommended to choose a site which is geographically closer to your location for not reducing the internet connection speed.

Next, choose the URL bar. Submit the site address you want to visit. Since proxy must decode the data from this site, there is a possibility that the data is not loaded well. it is particularly when the content is too heavy like video. If this is the case, you can try another proxy web. But if it is successful, congratulation, now you can access any sites without your identity being exposed.

Using Web Proxy is indeed beneficial for internet users who don’t want their data to be read by the servers. However, it doesn’t mean that this proxy is not without any lack. Besides, the process is more complicated, browsing activities tend to be slower. More than that, there are also possibilities that the webs have also been blocked so that you cannot use them again in the future.