Git files and folders are an effective system because it duplicates and stores projects. The problem is that if the same Gif files or folders are used by multiple users. Solving the problem manually takes time and seems complicated to do. The possible way to solve it is by using git force pull. The list below is the way to use the system effectively.

The Steps to Work with GIT Folder System

The first thing to do is creating directories and an empty repository. For example, try to create two directories namely user1 and user2 and then a repository. Then, check the user 1’s folder. Start to duplicate that empty repository and then use it as a remote repository. In this step, you also have to create two new files, the readme.txt as well as the image1.txt. Send the new files to the remote repository. The things you must notice is kept using your own clone path in case the git files are used for multiple users. Now, find the user2 folder. Do the same time which is cloning the empty repository into a remote repository. Then, create the same file name, the readme.txt as well as the image1.txte for the user2.

The Cause of the Problem

The problem happens when two or more users are working in the same folder and file. Let say, there are two users who work on a different project. The first user is creating a folder user1/myproject. At the same time, the second user is also creating a new folder, user2/myproject. It might a problem if the second user decides to see the other users who made changes. As the result, the user who wants to know or the second user pulls changes. The problem can be seen from the history and solved manually. It might be complicated if the second user disturbs changes which made by the first user.

Solve Problems with GIT Force Pull System

The possible solution for the above problem is by using git force pull. The first step is checking the history of the second user. Now, recheck the specific code available there. The sign of the problem is there is a changing on the actual code into a new code. One more thing to remember is that you should give a file name for the branch if you work with branches. By giving a file name, you can easily detect or check the history if there is something bad happens. The system will find the problem and remount the changes to the origin master automatically. The thing you need to know is that the workplace has to be cleaned properly otherwise the system doesn’t pull shifts you have made before. The steps here are to fix the problem and get the original files version. There is also a case that it is required to delete untracked files so it doesn’t disturb the system and the project. To do it, you just need to use git command, git clean –f –d. Just make sure that you don’t really need the untracked files or it is not related to the parts of your project because the git command eliminates all the untracked files.

Now, your problem is solved and you can use the git folder just like before. Indeed, git force pull is an effective way to solve complicated problems while using git system.