There currently stand over 4.13 billion internet users worldwide. You can only imagine how internet connections are webbed into nooks and crannies of different parts of the world. In the U.S. alone, internet connectivity has begun to swirl like a hornet’s nest and 95% of the population isn’t deprived of the basic utility that is the internet.

But despite it being so outspread worldwide, there are still areas and regions where internet speeds happen to dwindle and fade out. Especially in remote neighborhoods or hamlets that solely resort to satellite internet, high-speed internet is a dire and at times, an unaddressed issue.

So when this obstructive issue surfaces, you don’t just give in to sluggish speeds just because there’s no possible alternative in your mind. If you cannot fix the slow broadband speeds connected to your household, you can surely give them a boost. How? Through a wireless range extender for your Wi-Fi connection. Using one, a poor wireless connection becomes good as new.

What is a Wireless Range Extender?

A wireless range extender or in simpler words, a Wi-Fi signal booster, serves a sole purpose which is to boost the incoming wireless signals to all the connected devices. In turn, better Wi-Fi coverage is outspread in the untouched corners of a household.

The hassle of placing your router in the center of your house or mounting it up on a wall is long gone. Once you get a wireless extender, there will be hardly any place that remains deprived of internet access. But there are more pros to a wireless extender. Here are a few:

  1. Slow internet due to multiple users

When the clock strikes 12, your siblings probably want to run a FRIENDS marathon or maybe play an online game that heavily relies on latency levels. But the plans go in vain because neither of them gets to enjoy a seamless and buffer-free experience.

This is because multiple devices are connected to a single wireless connection that is probably placed too far from the relevant devices. For gaming, the ideal is Ethernet connectivity but if there are multiple devices to connect to, for obvious reasons Ethernet will never suffice. With a wireless signal extender, you get to boost your wireless signal and get every connected device sufficient speeds and bandwidth.

  1. Households with Multiple Floors

The location of your wireless router matters a lot. Placing it in a corner of a room downstairs doesn’t amplify the signal rather its only suppresses down the signal strength.

What is the ideal location? Or maybe there is no ideal place as the corners of your house cannot get full wireless internet coverage. Why does it happen? That’s because wireless connections tend to be hindered by obstacles such as walls, corners, ceilings and even objects such as microwaves that disturb the wireless signals. To solve the dilemma, keep the router and extender both in a place either upstairs or make sure it’s placed equally above the router.

That way the signal emitted from the router will be directly boosted when received by all the possibly connected devices.

  1. Speeding up Wi-Fi performance

Surely, if you are paying for high-speed internet and still wireless signals aren’t reaching every area of your house, in turn, causing slow connectivity, that could be a major bummer. But the only pro of using an extender is not to help reach connectivity on the dead-end zones rather, it could be used to improve the speeds only further.

But before you decide whether or not an extender can help you, check your internet speeds. If the speeds are slow, visit now and get a new connection. Then check again if the issue is resolved. If not, you know you have to get an extended to amplify the wireless signal of your network.

Another possible reason for slow speeds could be an outdated router. Now it’s the generation of Wi-Fi 6 routers that come with beamforming antennas and MU-MIMO technology to support multiple devices. Maybe a new router change would help as well.

  1. Wi-Fi Reaches Outside

Spending time with your family on a summer day on the porch or out in the pool sounds amazing but when you want to run Spotify on your smartphone, for how long would you rely on data connection? Surely, you will end up exceeding your cellular data usage.

A wireless extender can give your household full-fledged connectivity but it can even extend its signal range outside of your home’s premises. Make sure you connect the extender to the entrance gate of your house so internet strength reaches the relevant spots.

To Conclude

To wrap it up, slow internet speeds are daunting and annoying. These sneak on to you when you are least expecting it. So before that ever happens to make sure you have a Wi-Fi extender in store so you don’t ever have a face-off with slow internet speeds again.

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