As Microsoft SharePoint Consultant puts it, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the success of your business. Team collaboration is definitely so far up the list. Whether your employees are able to perform as a team or not directly contributes to the efficiency of business operation. Efficient operation is undoubtedly critical with the ever-increasing competition.

Businesses have always been focusing on promoting healthy relationships with their employee to improve productivity. However, that is not the only venue businesses may explore in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Focusing on team collaboration ensures projects to be completed faster as results. Not only that, working in teams also help raise motivation levels of employees.

Important aspects of team collaboration

Collaboration takes place when a group of people or a few individuals work together in order to achieve common goals. This can be done towards sharing skills and ideas, and whether it’s in traditional environment or virtual. Yes, with technology advancements, businesses may now collaborate using cloud-based programs.
Regardless of the setting and means to accomplish the task, collaborations may result in the following important aspects:

· Brainstorming
Allowing team members to work towards achieving business’ common goal by offering various perspectives in order to reach a solution.

· Equal partaking
Despite the fact that collaboration is a team work, it still provides every member of the team with equal opportunities. Said opportunities include the chance to communicate individual ideas and participate.

· Providing value
The fact that they are working towards achieving the same goal is enough to inspire them with sense of purpose. Employees will see the value in working together in order to reach mutual benefits.

The importance of encouraging team collaboration

Team collaboration comes with a myriad of advantages, below are the reasons why businesses must encourage collaboration among their employees:

· Team collaboration promotes self analysis and problem solving
Serving as a mirror, collaboration challenges every member of the team to think, articulate, and realize their own competence. It does not only give them a glimpse of their weaknesses and strengths in the workplace. With this understanding, team members may lend a hand to complete each other’s gaps making business operation more effective.

· Team collaboration creates a learning environment
When different skills and knowledge are pooled, it will not only make ensure the efficiency of business operation. It also creates an environment where team members will be able to learn new skills from each other. Thus, encouraging culture of continuous support and learning through opportunities for development and growth.

· Team collaboration ensures increased efficiency
Every time team members make collaboration, they enhance their capacity to grow beyond their own comfort zones. Therefore, taking business to brand new heights. As a Microsoft SharePoint Consultant might put it, enhanced capacity ensures capabilities of a business to augment chances to achieve more in less time. It will also improve the chances of finding optimal solution to problems that may arise.

Mobile and cloud applications to increase collaboration efforts

Supporting team collaboration is not a simple task. Businesses must be able to provide team members with the necessary environment and tools to get the job done. Not only that, it may also be costly. HingePoint, as one of the most reputable system consulting services, offers reliable and yet user friendly applications for your business.

Focusing exclusively on clients’ results, HingePoint makes team collaboration and achieving consensus easier. In order to be able to measure whether their clients’ goals are attainable or not, they will perform the following process:

· Facilitating working groups and objective decision-making
· Conducting idea labs and optimizing processes
· Performing individual interviews and visiting customers
· Generating alternatives and offering best practices

HingePoint will then be able to design a unique and easy to use system to help businesses with their collaboration efforts. Its group of programmers are capable of covering the aspects of workplace collaboration that your employees may not be. Not only will they plan on how the programs will help your employees, business, and clients, they will also design. See the following for service packages offered:

· Bronze Service Package
Focusing on quick fix, this package offers data and file organization, software upgrades, and user guides.

· Silver Service Package
Focusing on redesign, this package offers leveraging new features, customizing user guides, classifying data, redesigning business, leveraging new features and more.

· Gold Service Package
Focusing on customization, this package offers business reinvention, custom capabilities development, multiple system integration, and more.

· Platinum Service Package
Focusing on complete overhaul, this Microsoft SharePoint Consultant offers system integration, data migration, business plan roadmap, system design, and more.