The idea of dash cam is that of a modern one. It is a recent concept and many people across the world are adopting this change in their driving lives. The dash cam is a device fitted to your windscreen or the dashboard; it allows you to detect the causes of accidents of your vehicle in case it gets hit by another vehicle. It also helps you to remember the scenic routes to places and aids you in reaching at your home safely. It is also the biggest searching or clue device for the police. It helps them to go through the whole incident in case of severe accidents and catch hold of the defaulter. Which dash cam will suit you depends upon your budget, your vehicle and on the specifications of the dash cam. There is one dash cam which is shortlisted among the wide variety of options available in the market. This dash cam is fit according to your pocket, your vehicle and the specifications are worth noticing! So let us start.

Out of the options like Aukey, Nextbase, thinkware, Vantrue and Apeman we will be looking at the pros and cons of Vantrue Pro Dual dash cam. It is one of the best dash cam when compared.


It has a reliable battery.

The set-up of the dash cam is very easy to understand and execute.

The length of the power lead is also good

The audio recorder quality is also good.

The cam has 1080 pixels of HD display with dual lens

It has night vision sensor with infrared rays

The parking mode is 24 hours and the time lapse is also good.


The SD card is not included within the order.

The mount is not always reliable.

The small size of the dash cam can make it hard to use at times.

The Vantrue on dash N2 comes with novatek cameras situated at its housing. This allows the driver to not only get the front view, but also keep a watch on the back side of the view too. This feature helps the taxi drivers a lot as one can keep an eye on the road even during nights or the passengers can be checked generally.

There is no problem in recording things even in the night as the device comes with the infrared night vision of sony IMX3S3 Sensor. The four LED lights will not only light up the interior of your car but will also light up the front and rear of the car.

The focus cameras and the high quality of the optical instruments used make the device very useful. It gives the crystal clear view of the road ahead.

A person buys the dash cam in order to save the mishappenings of the accidents. This device comes with G-sensor. This sensor records and auto saves the file in the ‘event file’ section as and when the vehicle feels any tremor or disturbance from the outside. This feature of this product makes it a unique option over others. This feature helps the owner not to press the button and the saving work is done automatically. The file becomes very easy to access from the folder of ‘event file’. Anyone can recover this footage when needed. It helps out the police while carrying out search operation and collecting clues.

The option is pricey no doubt, but the distinct features of the product like G sensor, the single handed cam resolution of 1440 pixels makes it a completely viable and helpful option when compared with other devices. The unmatched clarity is what separates the device from other devices.

The only disadvantage which can be considered of major importance is that the device does not come along with the GPS locator fitted inside. It comes as a sort of accessory for which the user should pay and get the GPS mounted separately. This point makes it quite unattractive option otherwise the device is worth buying.

The number of reviews of the product is more than 300 on various websites. This shows the demand of the product and the reliability of the people upon the device. Many of the taxi drivers have also agreed to the point that the device allows them to drive safely. It not only gives them a clear view of the front road, but also the back road view is also handsome. It also allows them to keep a watch on the passengers sitting at the back of the taxi whether they are okay or not. Some of the taxi drivers have also complained that many a times this happens that the recording made by them is proper. It happens sometimes that the plate numbers of the cars at coming at their back are not visible properly. This revelation defeats the very purpose of the device. But this is only seen in some exceptional cases. The device is highly liked by the drivers and though the option is a bit costly, they go for it. One reason is the g sensor available in the product.

The other USP’s of the product are that the product has a long battery life which is a pre requisite in today’s time. Long battery hours make the device durable and more helpful. The setup of the device is also very easy. The manual allows the user to understand the setup process and then install it. The good strength of the power lead is also a positive feature added in the product lifecycle. Good audio recording is very necessary as in the crucial times of accident; the voice of the vehicle can guide the reason of the accident. A good audio recorder would ensure that proper recording was made at that time. The device does not come with GPs, though and that has to be mounted by the user separately. The mounting is also not reliable, this is the only feature which works against the device and has been discussed above. But the conduct of the writer says that you should go for it.